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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, June 22


Talbot is willing to face constituents

The Scotia-Glenville Democratic Committee would like to formally introduce our endorsed candidate for mayor, Joe Talbot.
He has been a village resident for 25 years where he and his wife, Kimmy are raising three sons. His professional skills include finance, management and communications, which will be put to good use as mayor of Scotia. Joe is a dedicated volunteer, giving back to the village he loves so much.
At the request of a village resident, the Scotia-Glenville Democratic Committee was asked to host a candidates’ forum. The opposing candidate, Joe Rizzo, first responded “no thank you,” to the first date. When he was offered three additional dates he responded, “Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the Democratic primary mayor’s forum.”
If refusing to meet the voters in an open forum is Mr. Rizzo’s idea of transparency and accessibility — two of his campaign pledges — what can the voters realistically expect from him as mayor?
Joe Talbot has been out walking through the village and knocking on doors trying to introduce himself to as many residents as possible. If you have not yet met him, please contact him at [email protected]. Make a Difference! Vote for Joe Talbot on June 28.
Cathy Bern-Smith
The writer is chairperson of the Scotia-Glenville Democratic Committee.

Trump, Carlson not promoting truth

The world is actually flat, so says Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson.
Calvin Moore

Santabarbara puts light on meter issue

In April, Rotterdam residents received a letter from Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara warning taxpayers that the Town Board is considering plans to install water meters at residential properties.
In his letter, he pointed out that this plan will cost taxpayers millions of dollars besides being charged for water usage instead of the current flat rate.
Because of this notification, I’ve been attending Town Board meetings. During discussions about metering, Town Council Member Joseph Mastroianni stated that Mr. Santabarbara’s letter was “fake news.” I disagree!
The Town Board vacillates between promoting metering and declaring that there are “no plans” to install water meters. Which one is it?
If you look on page 4 of their PowerPoint presentation from the May 11 meeting, it talks about water metering specifically.
In the meantime, the Town Board also announced significant increases to water and sewer services and the decision to move those inflated charges off homeowners’ tax bills to be billed separately (hmmmm!) One resident complained to the board that her bill increased hundreds of dollars. Mr. Mastroianni’s offensive response was about being a winner or loser in Rotterdam, depending on what you’re billed.
I thank Mr. Santabarbara for bringing much-needed attention to this issue.
Frank Natalie

Thanks to Stefanik for gun safety bill

I would like to thank Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for her quick action regarding responsible gun ownership.
I stand behind and applaud the legislation she recently introduced that aims at promoting gun training and safety in the wake of several mass shootings across the nation.
As a parent, there is nothing more important than the safety of our children. I would like to see more taxpayer money being allocated to providing armed school resource officers in every school.
I would like to see more done for the safety of our children, especially in light of the recent decision of the Saratoga Springs School District to disarm highly trained and highly qualified former law enforcement, leaving the students vulnerable.
At the very least, there needs to be one armed SRO stationed at each school.
Overall, I support Congresswoman Stefanik’s proposal to enact tax deductions for Americans who participate in concealed carry firearms courses and purchase gun safety devices to store firearms appropriately.
I think this is certainly a step in the right direction.
We are fortunate to have a strong leader such as Stefanik who takes initiative and gets things done.
Marnie Messitt


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christopher stater

Calvin Moore as the Jan 6th hearings are showing Trump truly believes America is his and his crooked cronies for the taking  America is waking up to the true reality he wanted. We are very fortunate to have avoided this autocrat and dictator wanna be for a second term we  need to all wake up

Zachary Parker

Frank Natalie what you said is an outright lie. All of this was done by the previous board and you know it. the reason for the bill changes was also due to the previous board. All of this was dropped on the new board and now they have to clean up the mess. If what Santabarbara says is true answer this, why has he not been to a single board meeting? Why has he not personally contacted a single board member? Why when the board publicly asked Santabarbarto intervene with legislation to stop the water meters from being mandated why has he been silent and ignoring the request. He is typical and lying politician, until he answers the questions of why he never spoke to the board or why he never proposed legislation I’ll stick to my truths.

Who Ville

Uvalde, Texas:  Law enforcment waited outside for an hour while our children were slaughtered.  Parkland, Florida: a School Resource Officer cowered outside while our children were slaughtered.  Buffalo, NY: A security guard is out gunned by a shooter with an assault rifle and body armor.  If hiring more SROs and law enforcement were the solution to our gun problem, we would have seen different results.  Police officers and SROs are human, and when faced with the proposition of trying to take out an active shooter with an AR and tactical gear, they either choose not to, or are quickly overtaken by the shooter.  The solution is less guns in the hands of 18 year olds.  More stringent background checks.  More training requirements.  Longer waiting periods.  Tax breaks for gun owners ain’t gonnna cut it.  

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