Class of 2022: Kaitlin Hopper – Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School

Kaitlin Hopper
Kaitlin Hopper

Kaitlin Hopper


Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School

Parents: Alisha Lebel and James Hopper

College or other plans: I plan on attending St. Lawrence University

Plans after college: I’m not sure what profession I would like to have, all I really know is that I want to be able to help make the world a better place

What is the memory of high school you will never forget: I will never forget the day we gave this big presentation in my Marketing and Management class. We had worked on an ad campaign for months and we were finally presenting it. I was so nervous that something was going to go wrong. We had some technical difficulties because we were presenting our campaign virtually.

After a few minutes of waiting, our presentation finally worked. I didn’t know how to make the situation better, so I just laughed, apologized for the delay, and continued on with the presentation. I realized that day that no matter how much you worry about something you can only work with what you have. I also learned that laughing can make any tense situation a little bit better.

Which teacher had the biggest impact on you and why: Ms. Cheryl Bach had the biggest impact on me. I met her when I was in ninth grade when I had her for World History. Ever since then, I have spent much of my free time in school in her room. Ms. Bach is the kind of person who always makes you feel welcome and accepted. I’m truly honored that I have gotten to spend the last four years getting to know her.

What’s in your music player: “These Two Windows” by Alec Benjamin

Favorite book or author: I love so much that I will never be able to decided on my favorite book or author

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