Class of 2022: Lia Cox – Mohonasen High School

Lia Cox
Lia Cox

Lia Cox

Mohonasen High School Top 10

Parents: Saskia Kepper-Cox and Brett Cox

College or other plans: I’m attending Clarkson University, majoring in Chemistry and Biomolecular. Hopefully down the road getting my Masters and then PhD.

Plans after college: I hope to work in a laboratory setting, researching and creating vaccines for the future! I want to help people and this way I can help people on a global scale.

What is the memory of high school you will never forget: The one of most prominent memories I have is playing UNO and Cat Chaos in lunch with my friends, screaming and losing our minds because we are competitive and we tried to mess each other up. The other one is roller skating through the school on decade day while dressed up as a 70’s disco girl.

What teacher had the biggest impact on you and why: I think the teachers who had the most impact on me were Mr. Niedbalec and Mr. Shaffer. Mr Niedbalec was a student teacher for my Honors Chemistry Class and he is one of the reasons I love chemistry as much as I do. He made the class entertaining, not shying away from joking with all of us, but also showing the world of chemistry in a way that was digestible, easy to understand and brought a curiosity out of us all. Mr. Shaffer was one of my history teachers. He taught us a lot of life skills that I still use 2 years later in my AP classes. How to digest older texts into a way that we can understand. I apply this to pretty much everything. He also never shielded away from the terrible parts of history. Showing “why” people acted the way they did, instead of just what occurred during these events. Also he’s helped a lot during my senior year in preparing for college, what to expect as a young adult and the reality of how the world works.

What’s on your playlist: It depends on the playlist, but my main playlist I have a lot of artists such as Caravan Palace, Glass Animals, MARINA, CRUISER, Mother Mother and Saint Motel.

Favorite book or author: My favorite book right now is “I am Number Four” By Pittacus Lore (The pseudonym of James Frey and Jobie Hughes )

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Mohonasen High School

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