Class of 2022: Ryan Brazee – Mohonasen High School

Ryan Brazee
Ryan Brazee

Ryan Brazee

Mohonasen High School Top 10

Parents: Jennifer and Scott Brazee

College or other plans: I’m going to Binghamton University to major in Computer Science

Plans after college: I’m not sure yet

What is the memory of high school you will never forget: The initial COVID shutdown and talking with friends virtually

What teacher had the biggest impact on you and why: Mr. Hayes really helped me improve my writing and ability to analyze literature. Also, all of my teachers before high school who set me up for success, most notably Mrs. Gallelli and Mrs. Krawiecki.

What’s on your playlist: Some artists I like are Bladee, Joanna Newsom, Pharoah Sanders, Cocteau Twins, and Boris

Favorite book or author: “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses” by Louis Althusser

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Mohonasen High School

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