Class of 2022: Tania Akter – Schenectady High School

Tania Akter
Tania Akter

Tania Akter


Parents: Mohammad Hossain Khan and Taslima Akter

College or other plans: Siena College—pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing

Plans after college: Nurse practitioner and medical school

What is the memory of high school you will never forget: Most of my high school memory is filled with college memories as I spent my junior and senior years at SUNY Schenectady as a full-time college student through the Smart Transfer Program. However, whether in college or high school, I will never be able to forget the time I spent with my friends and peers. From learning the class materials to studying and preparing for exams while panicking together, and the post-exam hangouts, I hold each and every one of those memories very close to my heart. I am grateful to my friends for creating such a positive and supportive learning environment.

Which teacher had the biggest impact on you and why: My physics teacher Mrs. Lin, who is very dear to my heart, had the biggest impact on me. She has always supported me and encouraged me in every situation, both inside and outside the classroom. I can proudly say that I have grown the most in her class, both academically and socially. I believe such growth is due to the classroom environment that Mrs. Lin and my excellent, smart, and competitive peers have created. When I was taking college classes at SUNY Schenectady, I was still in contact with Mrs. Lin as she used to check up on me often as well as host weekly Science Bowl Club meetings, which I always love attending. Mrs. Lin is the reason for my engagement in various extracurricular activities since I have always felt comfortable and at peace around her. I’m grateful to have such a teacher with whom I can have such a close relationship.

What’s in your music player: Surah Al-Mulk, Surah Maryam, Surah Al-Ahzab

Favorite book or author: Al-Quran by Allah

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