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Letters to the Editor Friday, June 24


Nobody, not even Trump, is above law

If Donald Trump is not prosecuted for, at a minimum, “high crimes and misdemeanors,” or even outright treason, then some people are indeed above the law. Think about it: If you or I did what he did, we’d be in jail for the rest of our lives. It’s as simple as that. Will justice be served? Let’s hope so.
Frank Palmeri

Stefanik is taking care of middle class

At this time, America is enduring extreme hardship as the current inflation rate is 8.6%, the highest it has been in four decades.
This staggering number is becoming overwhelming for many Americans; people are having to choose between gas and groceries for the week.
Luckily for New York’s 21st Congressional District, U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is holding Democrats responsible. Congresswoman Stefanik has called on Democrats, such as Nancy Pelosi, to address this issue. There has yet to be a single hearing in Congress on the issue of inflation. Further, the congresswoman promises that the Republican Party will put an end to the reckless spending on the part of the Democrats,  which has led to such high inflation. As we continue to watch the middle class of America suffer from rising inflation, Congresswoman Stefanik is fighting for her constituents.
I highly commend the Congresswoman’s dedication to NY-21 as she, unlike many Democrats, truly cares about ending the hardships which the middle class are facing.
Olivia Noonan
Bolton Landing

To slow speeders, enforce speed limit

I read in the paper recently that people have been complaining about speeders in the city. The powers that be want to lower the speed limit to help remedy this.
My question is if people won’t drive 30 mph what makes you think they will drive 25 mph?
How about enforcing the laws already on the books?
Penny Kennedy

Everyone treated the same in Senate

I rarely, if ever, agree with Mr. John Figliozzi’s columns, and his June 19 column (“U.S. Senate is the worst gerrymander of them all”) is no exception.
I don’t know Mr. Figliozzi’s background, but he has frequent columns in the paper. He certainly doesn’t understand English.
Why do I say that? Because he doesn’t know what the word gerrymander means.
The definition is: v. To divide into voting districts that give unfair advantage to one political party. The word was not even coined until 23 years after the ratification of the Constitution.
Tell me, Mr. Figliozzi, what political party has an unfair advantage in any state because of the division of the Senate being two senators from each state?
Mr. Figliozzi doesn’t understand history and for that matter the Constitution either. The Founders of this nation and the authors of the Constitution purposely created a government that could not be overrun by the majority.
Thus the Senate gave equal representation for each state no matter the size. The Senate is designed to represent each individual state government. That is because the United States is a republic, not a democracy.
Mr. Figliozzi’s argument that the Senate makeup may violate the Fourteenth Amendment’s “equal protection” clause is just plain ludicrous.
The “equal protection” in the Fourteenth Amendment refers to an individual’s right to be treated the same as everyone else under the law.
Tell me, Mr. Figliozzi, what law does the makeup of the U.S. Senate cause someone’s equal rights to be violated?
None, because everyone is treated the same.
John A. Gaetani



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Ignatious P. Reilly June 24, 2022
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Unfortunately, in this country and virtually all other countries, the richer or more politically connected you are, the less the laws of that country apply to you. Alleged Insider trading for Congresspeople? Ted Kennedy and that girl he allegedly killed? Clintons and Whitewater and then Benghazi among many other alleged criminal and nefarious actions? For the first example, yourself as an alleged mere deplorable serf, would be imprisioned for 10 years. For the second example 18 to life. For the third example execution by firing squad as would be constitutionially applicable punishment for allegedly being alleged traitors they allegedly are. Allegedly. But, as you can plainly see, if these people commited these alleged crimes, not one of them spent one penny in fines nor spent any time in prison. In summary, yes, some people are indeed above the law. I believe that this is Trump’s fault.

Zachary Parker June 24, 2022
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Frank Palmeri if the election were held today Trump would win 90% of the vote including NY.

Karol Newton June 24, 2022
| |

Frank Palmeri  well said unfortunately tRMP’s minions aka cult followers don’t believe in justice.  Remember when tRUMP said he could stand in the middle of Fifth Ave and shoot someone and nothing would be done ?   tRUMP is nothing more than another Jim Jones of Guyana   who had his cult followers drink the poisoned kool-aid.
Olivia Noonan   Stefanik only looks out for herself and her savior and master tRUMP.  She’ll do and say anything he wants.   She’s very much like Susan flip flop Collins of Maine… says one thing and does the opposite.  She needs to be removed and the sooner the better.