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Letters to the Editor Sunday, June 26


America sacrificing its children to gun lobby

In the 1985 movie “Brazil,” a dark comedy set in a dystopian society, a bomb goes off in a restaurant. Accustomed to terrorist attacks, survivors continue eating as if nothing happened.
A CBS News poll conducted a week after the Uvalde massacre found that 15% of Democrats, 27% of independents and 42% of Republicans agreed that school shootings are, “unfortunately, something we have to accept as part of a free society.”
Much like the Brazil diners, for these individuals school massacres are the unfortunate yet tolerable price to pay for the right to own AR-15s, weapons of mass destruction.
After every school slaughter we casually recite the now-perfunctory “thoughts and prayers,” gun sales spike, then it’s back to business as usual.
The Inca civilization (13th century to the 1532 Spanish conquest) sacrificed children to its gods.
According to Spanish chroniclers, these ceremonies were performed at important events such as the death of an emperor.
Some anthropologists suggest children were offered to deities in the hope of mitigating natural disasters: epidemics, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and droughts.
We sacrifice our children to the NRA, the gun industry (via politicians who accept their blood money) and a Second Amendment interpretation that permits civilians to possess military-style firearms for no rational purpose and horrific results.
The Incas strangled, smashed in the skulls, asphyxiated and buried alive their child sacrifices.
We commit these barbaric offerings shredding children’s bodies into unrecognizable pieces with weapons of war.
George Bryjak

Know Nothing Party alive and well in GOP

I thought the Know Nothing Party died before the Civil War, but I must have been wrong.
A number of them seem to be writing letters to The Gazette all the time.
They know nothing about former President’s Trump’s lies about the 2020 election or his involvement in the Jan. 6 riot to overturn it — an election in which he lost the popular vote by more than 7 million votes and the electoral vote by 64.
They know nothing about any good that President Biden has done or that inflation and rises in the price of gas or food is an international problem and has very little to do with him.
They know nothing about the threats and suffering around the world caused by climate change and that the crises and immigration challenges coming from it are going to get much worse.
There’s a lot more that they know nothing about, and they seem to be proud of it.
Jim Murphy

Bring colors together, and stop at red lights

These days the summer sun feels good on my skin, and I remember days of my youth catching the rays to cultivate a nice, healthy looking tan.
Today though, the sun is dangerous to the skin and, matter of fact, so are tanning booths.
However, there is a replacement for the sun by welcoming the assimilation and co-mingling of all colors by which a palate would be created that would rival the tan of the past.
Now that would be a great replacement, and no skin off my nose from sunburned peeling skin.
On a totally unrelated topic referencing Ann Parillo’s June 16 letter (“Stopping at red lights isn’t optional.”) She talked about people not stopping for red lights.
Ann, I hear you.
Red means you must stop; green means you may go.
Stay vigilant and safe.
Sandra J. Natale
Saratoga Springs


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Ignatious P. Reilly June 26, 2022
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I highly doubt the ‘fact’ that 47% of republicans said anything even remotely close to that. Did you get that ‘fact’ from Rolling Stone Magazine perchance?