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Letters to the Editor Monday, June 27


More need to be held accountable

What is the other purpose of the war in Ukraine? What does Putin gain that he did not have?
Simple. By reducing supply, he’ll get higher prices for everything he already has, and he can steal even more.
He’ll create worldwide food and energy shortages; he’s winning.
Europe has been cuckolded into slashing their energy throat. We’re not far behind. Angela Merkel tied their survival to Putin and his gas.
Our energy independence has been undercut by this administration, and government policy still uses a financial club to cripple energy production while at the same time claiming to encourage more production and blame suppliers for price gouging.
Corporations are wise to this charade; they know they can make money from abundance or scarcity.
Incompetence is rewarded.
The FDA threatens a baby food maker with shaky evidence and the company coyly folds awaiting the disaster they have been given license to create.
No one is held accountable. Not my fault, Putin did it.
The price of hobbling the police is the death of children in Uvalde.
These days a cop doing his job is going to either a) get seriously injured or killed, or b) shoot and get charged with murder. What would you choose?
Stand back, wait for someone else to accept the responsibility.
The Uvalde gunman could have been shot before the tragedy, but they had an excuse not to.
Solutions come in a ballot box.
Bruce Martindale


Fight Manufactured Ignorance by Trump

One of the questions I am studying these days is whether Artificial Intelligence can save the country from the Manufactured Ignorance generated by Donald Trump.
Could AI versus MI become the existential conflict of this generation?
A test case will be whether the “patriots” who gave $250 million to Trump after the 2020 election will experience donors’ remorse after learning that their money did not go to pay for the advertised legal challenges to the election, but to enrich Trump’s hotels, family members and cronies.
These victims of Trump could have used AI to run every court decision of the last 246 years through scanners and find out they had zero chance of winning any legal challenge, a fact which Trump has known while he has been raking in their donations.
Zero chance unless, of course, they mounted an armed physical assault on the process (Jan. 6) and broke a host of laws. Or used fake electors, the Electoral College equivalent of stuffing the ballot box.
Now, hundreds of true believers are in jail or awaiting trial, while Trump is holding court in Florida and banking their donations for whatever purpose he wants.
MI is not easy to beat back.
The Trump variant has spread among those who fear the demographic and political changes in the country. It can only be hoped that in the coming months, the truth will break through and set more and more of them free.
Gordon Boyd
Saratoga Springs



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Zachary Parker June 27, 2022
| |

Bruce Martindale great post, funny that we never see democrats prosecuted. I’m still waiting for Lois Lerner to at least lose her pention for weaponizing the IRS or maybe James Comey for spying on a campaign and President.

Who Ville June 27, 2022
| |

“More need to be held accountable”, yeah let’s start with the former Insurrectionist-in-Chief, so we don’t have to listen to him whine two years later that he “won” an election where he got 7 million less votes.