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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, June 28


Dems and libs are ruining the country

The Democratic Party is not the same it once was. It has become the party of hate. All they talk about is trying to destroy Donald Trump.
When are they going to wake up and realize that he has been out of office for 17 months? They need to get their heads out of the swamp and start moving our country out of the current mess this administration has put us in.
The border crisis, rising crime, inflation, gas prices — the list goes on.
All you leftists keep knocking Rep. Elise Stefanik because she supports Donald Trump. She is a rising star in the Republican Party, and she will be in office for many years to come.
On Nov. 8 the Big Red Wave is coming, and again in Nov. 2024 a second Big Red Wave will finally flush out the swamp in D.C.
The Democrats have lost touch with reality. We need to get our country back together.
Let’s be proud to be Americans, salute and honor our flag, bring back patriotism, respect all men and women in uniform.
If you don’t believe in any of these values, then you have the freedom to leave. God bless the U.S.A.
Jack Hunter
Ballston Spa

Call out Stefanik  for election lies

The House Jan. 6 committee hearings have been very powerful. Listening to the testimony, from average people who were just trying to do their jobs.
How they ended up being threatened and harassed and some having to leave their jobs brought tears to my eyes.
How could this happen in our country?
Every witness has told their story and has assured the American people that the vote in 2020 was accurate. This was not a stolen election. Joe Biden won.
This has not stopped #45 and Rep. Elise Stefanik from continuing to lie about the election.
Their lies led to the bloodshed on Jan. 6, 2021.
We must call out Stefanik.
We cannot let her continue to spread the lie. She took an oath to our Constitution as did some of the witnesses.
By knowingly lying, she is not fulfilling her oath.
Karen Klotz
Saratoga Springs


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Karol Newton July 2, 2022
| |

Jack Hunter   the Republican party is no longer    it’s now the fascist insurrection party.  GOP stands for GREED OVER PEOPLE.  The party wants this country to be for rich white people and everyone and everything else is substandard.  They want to go back to the 1950s.  There’s only a few republicans worth anything and one of them is Liz Cheney.

Who Ville June 29, 2022
| |

When is Donald Trump going to wake up and admit he legitimately lost the election 19 months ago by 7 million votes?

LOUIS RESTIFO June 29, 2022
| |

Jack Hunter, you’re dead wrong and if you don’t believe it you are also free to leave the country. And which God are you asking to bless the USA?

zdani002 June 29, 2022
| |

We knock Stefanik because she supported a fascist coup. She shouldn’t be on any stage speaking at all. Also because she has done nothing beneficial for upstate. The Trump train fell off its hinges and Republicans took a hold of his insane policies because it suited their hyper religious nonsense. The Dems lost touch with reality? Of course the Dems have their issues. They’re just as corrupt as the Republicans, taking money from big pharma and big corporations to do their bidding and refused to protect us because of two rotating villains that they constantly blame but have 100% power over. At least they didn’t support an outright fascist and still parrot patriotism like our country means anything anymore. I mean, slavery… endless wars… corporations taking over daily lives… the militarization of police.. the Christian nationalist takeover of the supreme court. The common folk have had enough, it’s time we focused on the middle class and the less fortunate. 

jclark124 June 28, 2022
| |

Stefanik used to be a reasonable, moderate republican until she got power hungry and went all in on the crazy trump train. 
Jack Hunter thinks the dems have changed?? How about the demise of the once respected gop taken over by the trump cult, still justifying his attempted coup…which he’s still working on?? Yes there are real issues we need to focus on, but saving our Constitutional Republic from these maniacs is number one.
What exactly are the gop doing to help solve problems instead of just constantly complaining and blaming? What exactly is Biden supposed to do about high gas prices when the companies are making billions in profits from all over the globe??  How about inflation around the world coming out of a pandemic…is Biden responsible for that, too?? The Keystone pipeline was not used by us and wouldn’t have helped us, abd the US has plenty of oil fields, so any other ideas? 
Females are also in the fight of our lives for fundamental rights to privacy, health, equality and liberty! Scary times, indeed, but it will be our end if Republicans win this fall.