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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, June 29


Supply chain makes car repairs difficult

I am writing this letter to warn people of a potential problem that many probably don’t even know exists. The problem: car repair and auto accidents.
Over 10 weeks ago, my wife had a rather minor car accident. We took our car to a very reliable body shop that had previously done excellent work for me.
They still do excellent work, but the problem now is supply chain issues.
Our car needs one specific part that at this moment seems unobtainable. The car won’t pass inspection without this part and to rent another car is very costly.
I also have a friend who has been driving around with a damaged door because a new one is unavailable.
What is the solution to this problem? We feel like our car is being held hostage and there is nothing that we can do about it.
Robert Dufek
Clifton Park

Remember vets’ service to America

Hopefully all Americans know how important all veterans are to the United States of America.
These brave men and women put their lives on the line and served in the military service of our country.
No matter what they did in the service of the United States of America, they were all important. Because of veterans we live in a free country today. God Bless all the veterans that gave their lives and God Bless all the veterans that returned. We cannot say enough good things about you.
We can say thank you for your service. You are the best.
God bless America.
Sid Gordon

Grateful to paper for St. Clare’s work

Regarding the May 27 editorial (“AG’s lawsuit offers hope for St. Clare’s”) thank you, thank you, thank you! Your editorial was spot on.
You provided accurate information and we truly appreciate your support.
I loved the part when you said, “the difference between the lawsuit filed by the state Attorney General and the one filed by the St. Clare pensioners is that this one will be more difficult for the church to ignore because it has the power and authority of the state government…as well as an aggressive attorney general behind it.”
It has been a long haul and sadly against the Catholic Church and its leaders.
Most of us are/were Catholics. The true facts are coming out and we are finally starting to find out what happened to our pension.
I also want to thank The Daily Gazette for the excellent article in the May 29 Sunday Daily Gazette with the front page coverage “A test of their faith” telling how pensioners are leaving the Catholic Church and finding other faiths.
Your paper dedicated a lot of space to present the facts, and hopefully the general public will now understand the plight of St. Clare’s Hospital pensioners.
As the information comes out, we are learning that there were numerous opportunities for the Church to protect the interests of the St. Clare’s retirees, but the Diocese and the bishops chose to turn their backs on them. The depths of the deceit and mismanagement and incompetence by the church leaders shocks and disheartens me.
I believe St Clare’s pensioners will get the money owed to them, but it’s too bad that Bishop Schafenberger didn’t do the right thing from the start.
Nancy Hunter


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Ignatious P. Reilly

In reference to Mr. Dufeck’s letter: Isn’t it funny how you can’t get an important part for your car? 
Lets examine why. Joke Biden’s policies have purposely created an artificial supply chain blockage that is adversely affecting all working and legal Americans, and therefore also negatively affecting the rest of the world. Directly to the point of your car, I am sure it is a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle. This is why you can’t get the part. The Biden administration are very slowly and very sneakily forcing you into buying an electric car that doesn’t pollute; except for the battery waste and the heavy metals and the fossil fueled powerplants required to charge it, and of course the spontaneous combustion. I will bet there will be no supply chain issues related to your 80,000 dollar Tesla. You can afford that! Heck, I bought three and only one blew up. Liberals are destroying America. Try getting the part number for your car’s part and ordering from Germany or another European country, or Japan. I bet you will be able to get it.

President Biden, nor any one else but the market is causing the movement toward electric vehicles. Hate speech from the right is quickly becoming a parody of itself:
“There’s no longer any doubt that the auto industry is going electric. Every international automaker is introducing battery cars, and plug-in hybrid options are increasingly part of model lines. But some auto companies have gone further, and actually set dates for when they will produce only “electrified” cars (batteries and hybrids) and/or pure EVs. Others have set dates certain when they’re going to stop developing internal-combustion engines. Some have already stopped.”

William Marincic

Brian Deese who is Bidens advisor when asked on camera by CNN what do you say to the middle class families that say they cant afford $5 a gallon gas for months or years. His response was, Biden made a clear representation about the stakes and we have to stand firm for the liberal world order…. Look it up, it’s on youtube. Also caturd posted it as well.

Yes, we all know by now the MAGA crowd sees “liberal” as some kind of obscenity. Sadly for them there has been an established, acknowledged liberal world order since WWII. That’s what the world wants. What the world certainly does not want is Christian zealots (or any other religious zealots) jamming their dogma down our throats. And that’s what we’re being subject to with this Trump movement and the corruption of the Supreme Court.
You can repeat to yourselves ad infinitum that President Biden and the liberals are the cause of all our evils, but that does not make it so, and shows extreme ignorance to the world around you.


   What is forgetten in the St. Clare letter is the failure of the State’s system of pension regulation system.   Also one should note that the failings refered to in the letter are of indivduals not institutions!

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