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Letters to the Editor Friday, July 1


No place for hateful rhetoric over mural

I was shocked and saddened to see the June 25 Gazette article (“Republican committee demands mural removal”) in which the Schenectady City Republican Committee called for the removal of the Black Lives Matter mural.
Many know me as a former Democratic City Council member. As an elected official, I met and engaged with many people regardless of their party affiliation.
I know a lot of Republican residents for whom I have great respect.
I have run with qualified Republican candidates that offered their own ideas to better the city. Let me be clear, I remain grateful the Democratic candidates prevailed.
I had and have Republican friends and neighbors who care a great deal for their community and play vital roles in its success.
We don’t always see eye to eye, but I don’t question their integrity.
I feel confident many of these people don’t align with this hateful and racist request.
This is my call to action.
If you are a Republican living in the city of Schenectady who doesn’t want to be represented this way, call these people out. After all, they are speaking on your party’s behalf.
Do something to combat this hateful statement.
There are those who will say I no longer have a voice for a city I don’t live in.
I still work in Schenectady, and I love it just as much as I always have.
I do reside elsewhere, but I care about the well-being of Schenectady, and I will continue to speak up out of concern.
Leesa Perazzo Oliver
Saratoga Springs

Blame people, with guns, for shootings

To Scott Davis who said we shouldn’t “blame objects for mass killings” in his June 12 letter (“Blame criminals, not objects, for killings.”)
If you have any connection to reality, you will realize nobody blames “objects.” They do, however, blame people like you who refuse to see the necessity of keeping these “objects” (instruments of killing) out of the hands of those who would murder innocents.
Australia, Canada, Western Europe and Scandinavia all don’t have nearly as many mass shootings as we do.
Mark Valberg

Nature brings joy to passing motorists

Need some joy to melt the gloom and negatives?
While driving on Albany Shaker Road across from Albany Airport, I noted cars suddenly slowing down. Motorists’ weary faces were exploding into smiles of sunshine.
A mother duck (proud, confident) was leading a squadron of disciplined ducklings, military style, across and away from the dangerous road.
The sight was a wondrous delight. Joy is everywhere. Tune your senses to its magic.
Rob Curtiss


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William Marincic July 1, 2022
| |

Mark Valberg its all a liberal game. When a person shoots up a school it’s the guns fault, how come when Kyle Rittenhouse shot three people that attacked him it was his fault? Anser that for me, I’ll wait….

FRED BARNEY July 1, 2022
| |

   What doyou think would happen to the incidence of rape if it was thought that every woan was armed?  If everyone was thought to be armed I suspect that thugish behavior would decline. If you want guns out of the hands of criminals I suggest gun related crimes be paired with 20 year of hard time!