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Letters to the Editor Saturday, July 2


Can no longer put up with fireworks

I live on Union Street, between Park and Wendell. Every single night, people to the left and right of me set off firecrackers that must be illegal because they sound like bombs.
I live alone and it is so hard on me and my rescue cat. We don’t deserve to be frightened every night. Of course the police can do nothing unless the people are caught in the act of setting off the crackers, but they hide before anyone can see them.
A call to the police proves pointless. Other neighbors are upset as well. Why can’t the police just have an unmarked car in the area to catch the people setting off the firecrackers? They do it nightly. Surely there is some creative way to stop this noise.
So far, it’s just a frustrating experience for neighbors and police. The only winners are the bullies. I’ve lived here 30 years, but I can’t take it any longer.
Susannah Risley

Want answers on new Verizon boxes

On Friday, June 10, at 7:30 a.m. we saw crews digging up our and many of our neighbor’s front lawns. The men spoke little English, so I asked their supervisor what was going on.
He handed me a door hanger from the Danella Co. of New Jersey and explained that they were laying tubing for Verizon to facilitate fiber optic cable.
I emailed the town to ask why there had been no resident input to this project and why there had been no notification as to when it would happen. I also emailed the Danella Co.
Now we and many of our neighbors have a 3-foot high green box, 26.5 feet from the edge of paving in our front lawns. Not speaking for our neighbors, we stopped working with Verizon a number of years ago.
As of June 28, we have received no response from the town or Danella. So much for respecting the rights of property owners. So much for a responsive town government.
Ted Thompson

Stefanik chose a racist over honesty

Elise Stefanik didn’t endorse Harry Wilson, her district’s favorite son candidate for governor, because he refused to accept Trump’s Big Lie.
She did endorse a congressional candidate from Buffalo who has a history of making racist remarks. I hope voters in NY-21 will remember this come November.
Bill Kitchen


Cooperative Wi-Fi will boost education

The U.S. Supreme Court article “Religious schools must get Maine tuition aid” validates government funding for all private and public education services.
Therefore, monies from federal, state and municipal government funding programs can establish a secure comprehensive educational Wi-Fi infrastructure system for all schools and families.
Application before Aug. 17 to the National Endowment for Humanities’ Office of Challenge Programs can access the Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge grant program.
A cooperative secure Wi-Fi infrastructure network among private and public educational institutions can expand quality remote learning to homeschoolers and all families.
In addition, the assistance of the New York Council For The Humanities can improve coordination of capital assets and technology through the Humanities Centers Initiative (HCI).
A secure humanities educational network with professional development and training in nonviolent “social and emotional learning” skill development is essential for a 21st century community.
Michael McGlynn



Ruling could affect other rights in future

The final decision from the Supreme Court was as bad for women as everyone thought. Conservative religious groups pressured their elected officials to undue 50 years of settled law, and conservative justices aided and abetted. They went well beyond the confines of the case before them and struck down Roe v. Wade in total. Something even Justice Roberts had trouble with.
In broad terms, the basis for the decision was 234 years ago.
The Constitution never guaranteed the right to an abortion, so therefore, the original Roe v. Wade decision was totally wrong.
Add to that Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett lied when they appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee. All three indicated that “settled law” is “settled law.” A new precedent has been established by this court’s action. Settled law (stare decisis) means nothing.
Judge Thomas added another precedent. He indicated the next thing on the chopping block was safeguarding of marriage equality, sexuality and contraception. The latter are political issues. Political issues have not, nor never been, the purview of the Court — but they are now.
A quote from a prior governor is most appropriate: “I protect my right to be a Catholic by preserving your right to believe as a Jew, a Protestant, or non-believer, or as anything else you choose.
We know that the price of seeking to force our beliefs on others is that they might someday force theirs on us.”
Bill Goergen

Criminals won’t seek permits to carry guns

This is so stupid. No sooner does the Supreme Court declare New York’s arbitrary and restrictive gun laws unconstitutional (and rightly so) than the governor calls a special session to contrive new restrictions. Political theater! As bad as the fool she replaced.
Applying for and obtaining a state handgun permit is a lengthy and rigorous process and a lot of trouble. The ruling does not make any of that go away.
Do we really think that law-abiding citizens who submit to this process are going to turn around and begin drawing down on each other at high noon? C’mon! The criminals, gang bangers, drug dealers, malcontents and deranged people who in fact do make our streets killing fields will continue to do so — without a permit. You will not see them tomorrow applying at the sheriff’s office. If you want to reduce gun violence, focus your efforts on the aforementioned (permitless) miscreants.
It’s bad enough our citizenry is totally polarized, but now we’re politicizing the judiciary. Outrage, pack the court, unruly demonstrations, threats against politicians (and their families), burning flags.
The fascists are as bad as the communists. Grow up!
George Nigriny

Texas should secede and take others along

I recently read in the paper that Texas might secede from the Union and become its own country. I think that this is a splendid idea.
I have even thought of a list of people that they could take with them when they go: Donald Trump and all of his spineless toadies in Washington (that should clear the place out nicely), anyone who believes the Big Lie, White supremacists, Q-anon and all other conspiracy theory nutters, anyone who owns a semi-automatic military style weapon, anyone who carries or wants to carry a firearm in public, and, of course, the NRA (since there won’t be anyone left in Washington who will take a bribe).
With this exodus, the Forty-Nine States of America can have a chance to fully recover from the near fatal wounds inflicted by those bent on destroying our democracy.
And we could become a rational democracy again. We might even finally employ common sense safeguards against the very real dangers caused by minority rule— dangers like fear mongering, voter suppression, attacks on women’s rights and children being killed in their classrooms. Majority rule would be a welcome change.
Eva Raymer

Pro-life protesters speak for the unborn

For all of you who may be having a bad day because the Constitution of the United States was finally upheld, I say to you, welcome to my world 50 years later.
For 50 years, I have had to live with the fact that 6.6 million babies were killed because their rights were never upheld.
For years, I protested in silence with my little signs with fingers of disapproval pointed my way. For years I have had to keep my peace with the people who yelled at me with their hate and approval of killing the very youngest of our country. For years I have somewhat held my tongue.
Every time I said something, I was told what an absolute horrible person I was because I cared about the unborn children. I stood with the voiceless, I cared enough for those who could not speak for themselves, I was called deplorable, evil, stupid, inhumane, holier than thou, a right wing fanatic, out of touch and the lowest. All these names for a person who is willing to stand up to the murder of 6.6 million beautiful babies that can’t speak for themselves.
So if I am so deplorable, what do you call all the people who rejoice in the 6.6 million babies that were sacrificed for the so-called rights of women? Half of all those babies were women. Where are their rights? You know when evil has taken over when someone who will protect the unborn is called evil.
Denise Crisci

Subtle racism behind protests over mural

Regarding the Jay Street Black Lives Matter mural, I will be happy to pay for the paint to refresh the mural. I’m too old and physically limited to paint it myself.
I believe it is impossible to grow up in this culture and not have at least some subtle, if not more, racist parts to one’s nature. It might be subconscious, rationalized away, or up front. I have pieces in me that are Neanderthal, why not racism too? I clearly have racist thoughts.
Here is a little thought experiment for you: as a white person living here, in your heart of hearts, how much money would you require to be paid to you in order for you to agree to spend the rest of your life in this culture as a Black person? Not until the vast majority of whites can honestly answer that question, “$00.00,” will we dare to think racism is a thing of the past.
I am a European-American. I like to believe I am thoughtful. I like to believe I am compassionate. And, I have struggled with that question for a long time. When the Black community consensus is that the mural should be painted over, it will be time enough to do it.
Richard Antokol

Stand with women and vote for choice

Many hypocritical, influential men and women of means — including our Supreme Court male justices, our former president, Florida’s Gov. DeSantis, and New York/Adirondack Congresswoman Stefanik — know in their hearts the fundamental, cruel unfairness of the Supreme Court ruling.
If they or someone in their family will need an abortion, they will travel where and when needed to have one. They won’t call for a constitutional prohibition on abortion, but are perfectly happy to eliminate rights for women of few means who cannot miss work and cannot travel, while proclaiming sanctimoniously they are saving the unborn and promoting adoption.
It was the same hypocrisy on display during prohibition’s 10-year reign 100 hundred years ago. Those who had means drank secretly, freely and without prosecution, while shrugging as public bars were closed down. Americans don’t like unfairness. Men need to stand with women and children and vote for choice this November.
David Gibson
Ballston Lake

Dems need to grow a spine and fight back

As an undemocratically elected authoritarian Christian nationalist bloc continues to stomp our rights into the ground while we’re parading as a “democracy,” why have the Democrats done nothing to act?
We have allowed them to do nothing for too long while they hugged their Republican counterparts and laughed at us over wine.
The Dems have the House, the Senate and the White House. They had a super majority under Obama from 2008 to 2011. Why are we not using our power to expand the courts and protect a woman’s right to abortion? Oh, right. We bombed the Middle East, enacted a Republican designed healthcare plan, and saved banks. Sinema and Manchin are not blockers here. Sit them down, remove them from their committees that they are still somehow on, and use the bully pulpit to expand the court and codify abortion rights.
Asking us to simply vote is not going to work. Millions are beaten, bruised and starving now. This crisis is occurring now. We don’t have til November. Our rights are under attack now.
Christian nationalists are not the leaders of this country, and the Bible is not the Constitution.
Separation of church and state is a fundamental right in this country, and now we need the Dems who still have spines to defend it.
Or else we, the people, will.
“Our masters have not heard the people’s voice for generations, and it is much, much louder than they care to remember.” — Alan Moore, V for Vendetta
Zachary Daniels

Tedisco will continue to fight for citizens

As a former Niskayuna resident who now lives in Clifton Park, I’ve had the pleasure of being represented by Sen. Jim Tedisco in the two places that have always been where his heart is home. He’s done such an amazing job fighting for Saratoga and Schenectady counties.
Sen. Tedisco is the very definition of a great representative. He has been almost a lone voice among lawmakers fighting for justice for the 1,100 St. Clare’s Hospital retirees who were robbed of their hard earned pensions.
When 15,000 New Yorkers died in nursing homes under Gov. Cuomo’s watch, Sen. Tedisco put forth bipartisan legislation for an independent investigation into the cover-up and he personally sued the administration to get the real number of deaths released. Then Jim stopped Cuomo’s scheme to charge New Yorkers $25 for license plates we didn’t need.
These are just a few of his many accomplishments fighting for us.
There is no question that Sen. Tedisco is the best candidate for the 44th Senate District. He’s already our voice and we need to keep him fighting for us.
Kathleen Young
Clifton Park

Biden solely to blame for record fuel prices

My heating oil bill under Donald Trump for the 2019/2020 season was $912 at $2.59 a gallon.
If I use what I did last year, my fuel bill as of June 7 at $5.95 a gallon will be $3,180. Thanks, Biden.
Please, I don’t want to hear that it’s Putin’s, Big Oil, Big Meat, Big Drug and everybody under the sun’s fault for high prices.
It’s nobody’s fault but the moron in the White House and his war on fossil fuels. What oil company is going to invest in exploration, drilling or refineries when they are being told they will be out of business by 2030? So now Biden can go on his knees to Saudi Arabia for oil when he could be getting the oil here.
I also am tired of hearing people comparing Biden to Jimmy Carter. I lived under Carter’s presidency, times were tough, but not as bad as they are now. and it’s only going to get worse.
Comparing Jimmy Carter to Joe Biden is like comparing Aristotle to Forrest Gump (at least Forrest could climb a flight of stairs.)
Ray Weidman

Coverage of abortion ruling not balanced

I am dismayed The Schenectady Gazette showed such unbalanced reporting of the overturning of the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973 which “found” a right to abortion in the U.S. Constitution. The June 25 article (“Court ruling draws mix of joy, anger”) about Capital Region reaction to the decision gave twelve pro-abortion official reactions, but only five pro-life official reactions. In addition, photos on page 1 and 2 of section A showed pro-abortion advocates. Furthermore, the lead article for the Sports section (“Athletes react to the Supreme Court’s abortion decision”) was an AP report filled entirely with pro-abortion athletes and organizations decrying the decision (with accompanying photo). The Gazette needs to do better.
Esther Denham

Tedisco deserves to win in 44th District

There’s been a lot of talk about who would be the best representative for the 44th Senate District, which includes all of Saratoga County, Schenectady and Niskayuna.  The choice is obvious: Sen. Jim Tedisco.
When it comes to outstanding constituent service and helping residents cut through bureaucratic red tape, Sen. Tedisco is known as the best around. That’s why Daily Gazette readers twice voted him as the “Best of the Best Public Official” in the Capital Region, and it’s why he keeps overwhelmingly getting elected by voters.
Jim Tedisco is always there for the people of Saratoga County. For years, when he didn’t even represent Stillwater, he supported the Stillwater Police Department by including them in his Safe Summer Bike Helmet program encouraging kids to be safe and wear bike helmets. Tedisco didn’t have to include Stillwater, but he chose to have our town participate because he knows how important this is to public safety.
I’ve known Jim since he began his political career and I’m excited to have Sen. Tedisco represent Stillwater. I know he’ll be as great a representative as he has been for the other towns in Saratoga County he has served for so long.
Timothy E. Scrom

Group forming to sue over dangerous dogs

To dog owners in Johnstown: I moved here in May 2021. I’m 80.
Although in excellent health, I’ve been in danger of being severely injured by dogs not leashed or secured by their owners while walking my dog. In the first 10 months here, while walking my aged dog, I’ve been attacked five times by loose dogs.
On April 12, my dog and I were brutally attacked by a loose pit bull on East Montgomery Street. Two dogs were on this property and sidewalk menacing passersby. The electric fence sometimes worked and sometimes not. The dog owner appeared in court and was issued a ticket. But nothing was done. My dog and I still suffer from our injuries. I addressed the city council in May and asked for public information to dog owners and to stricter laws and fines for negligent owners. So far, nothing has been done.
A group of dog owners and I have secured legal assistance to pursue action. It’s become a serious problem. In the four blocks where I attempt to walk my dog, there are 37 dogs. The dog population in Johnstown with licensed and unlicensed dogs must be close to 1,000.
If you walk your dog, be aware the leash laws are weak at best and ignored by many, and you’re in imminent danger each time you walk.
If you wish to join the group of citizens now forming to address this need, and hopefully a class action lawsuit, please contact me at 518-448-9373.
Ann L. Reffue

Fundamental rights are being threatened

The June 23 Supreme Court decision concerns government’s regulations that so infringe on a right guaranteed by the Constitution that the right has been essentially negated.
The issue is whether individuals have the right to anticipate and take self-defense measures from acts of violence by others without first obtaining permission from the state.
The New York pistol permit process denied the average law-abiding person the right to self-defense and was properly voided.
Consider what would happen if other fundamental rights were treated this way. Imagine if you need a permit from the state to openly carry a Bible, to freely speak in public, or any written or spoken words had to been approved by a government bureaucrat. Such laws exist in other countries. That is how New York state views your right to self-defense. You have none except those allowed by the state.
The right to defend yourself, like the right to speak your mind even if it offends someone, or the right to practice a religion that others might object to, have set the United States apart from many other countries — in a good way. We need not look to other countries — where law enforcement has given up in many respects, where property crimes are ignored, and violent crime is rampant and “no go zones” of violent crime take hold — to decide what is right.
The right to be secure in your home and person starts with the right to bear arms.
Tim Connolly

Republican abuses are finally exposed

The jig is up! The cover-up, lies, abuse of citizens, by the Republicans is over.
They have first of all covered for, participated in, and continued the brutal personal and professional attacks on people that just wanted to go to work and do their jobs. They ruined their lives.
They have voted against everything brought to vote — BBB, childcare benefits that kept millions of children fed and clothed, money for training and equipment for police and military to help both to be better prepared to help protect us, the people.
They want to get rid of Medicaid and Medicare, the same with Social Security that is MY money I put there.
They claim to care for your children, then change the New York law so anyone, I repeat anyone, can carry a gun everywhere we go, grocery market (Buffalo), churches (too many to list), schools (Colorado, Texas, Mass., Florida, and MORE).
They won’t even participate in finding the truth about Jan. 6 that was an attack on our government and democracy.
They, Trump and friends and family and people like Stefanik, Gaetz, Green, and many more, believe that our lives, our votes, our freedom doesn’t matter and their aristocratic, privileged, Putin-backing cronies, don’t care for or wish to help the average person or family.
They use children as a shield to scare, deflect issues, then use them as a plow out in front to push for issues that serve no one except themselves. Vote Democrat. Let them finish.
David Keenan

America founded on religious expression

James Cimino’s May 28 letter, (“Should religion be in control of our lives”) complained about Evangelical Protestants controlling how “the rest of us” want to live.
It pointed to churches increasingly “utilizing” the pulpit to deliver political messages on such topics as abortion and the efforts by some states to not have pro-transgender messaging forced upon very young school children.
I’ve never heard any of my evangelical pastors politicize. Some occasionally condemn abortion, but only because that is a millennia-old conclusion to be drawn from an honest reading of Scripture.
The letter terms evangelicals “religiously indoctrinated,” but all we are is religiously guided by God’s word. Do you know who else was? The founders of our Constitution.
Nearly to a man, they said that the just cause of the Revolution had been blessed by God’s “providence,”
His intercession in the affairs of men. They knew that to be a nation that contravened God’s commands is to court disaster, as witnessed again and again in the Old Testament.
“The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained,” said George Washington in his first inaugural address.
He spoke with his hand on a Bible open to Deuteronomy 28, which presents in stark detail the consequences of a nation’s choice: follow God’s commands and find peace and plenty; disobey and endure growing calamity and final destruction.
Like Washington, Christians loving their God and nation can’t admonish otherwise.
Vincent Reda

Juneteenth reminder of what we can all do

“We the people, in order to form a perfect union…” Part of the Preamble of the Constitution, it is more than a philosophical context for our nation’s founding, but a legal one as well. It sets forth the precept of our imperfection, as well as the never-ending endeavor to be better.
This is the beacon in the American lighthouse.
As such, Juneteenth, similar to July 4th, is the most American of holidays. It celebrates the end of slavery and an evolution in our Constitution. Yet, true to our imperfection, the stunted, slow and still unfinished process of equality was just commencing, and to be hard fought for 100 years and more.
The process of becoming more perfect in our laws is a laborious one, a daunting one. Yet, that is a protection against the capricious vicissitudes of a sovereign or other totalitarian.
“Patience and perseverance will get you there.” That is what we tell those who have been oppressed in the less than perfect system.
Yet, as has happened after throughout our history, that patience and perseverance are dishonored. Fear and ignorance are exploited by those seeking to darken our beacon, that they may pick over the corpses rended upon the rocks.
I cannot abide the idea of America asserted by those seeking to regress knowledge and repress the human diversity that has made the United States a place of hope, despite our imperfections.
So let us celebrate Juneteenth as a reminder of the endeavor to be more perfect.
James Cimino

Trump not worthy of title of president

Please do not refer to our former president, as President Trump.
Please refer to him as Traitor Trump!
Curt Alheim
Ballston Lake


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    As for the end of slavery I suggesr you consider what happens to males who refuse to regidyer with their draft board!


Vincent, that’s not how that works. The entire point of getting away from the British was the also get away from the organized religions that had been plaguing Europe for centuries. We enshrined the principle of freedom of (and from) religion into our consitiution. Jefferson said that “Christianity neither is nor ever was part of common law.”Adams said “The government of the United States is not in any sense founded on Christianity.”Washington also owned slaves, and he was a freemason – something Christians call Satan worship. “It is now no more that toleration is spoken of, as if it was by the indulgence of one class of people, that another enjoyed the exercise of their inherent natural rights. For happily the Government of the United States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens, in giving it on all occasions their effectual support.” – Washington, to a Jewish congregation.It is clear that when it came to religion, Washington was a private man, more so than with other aspects of his life. So why can’t you people be? Our country was NOT founded on Christianity, only your dream version of it is. Keep your religious thoughts private and to yourself and nobody will have a problem. Once you start forcing other people to get involved and start living by religious rules, then we’re going to have an issue. 

christopher stater

David Keenan the Jan 6th committee has just begun to expose the traitors you mention and their mentally unstable leader’s behavior. You couldnt make the stuff the Committee is exposing  up. it is truly frightening to think that failed number 45 was so mentally feable and so easily misled by these losers and so easiiy convinced of all their  lies.

It’s 2022 and Joe Biden is the President. Donald Trump lost fair and square and the elections were proven many times over to be fair and secure, and accurate, and challenges were legally addressed.84 Republican officials are currently under investigation for fraudulently attempting to subvert what Americans chose, and over 800 are now under arrest, indicted and/or convicted for attacking our national Capitol also attempting to subvert what Americans chose, and it’s now becoming apparent that the outgoing President attempted to make them sucessful. And Republican minions want to talk about fantastical theories of how badly they were cheated that have as much credence as a mystical Land of Oz.And people like Dinesh D’Souza, and Steve Bannon, and Donald Trump, and the Republican Party continue to make millions off the poor saps who continue to not accept they lost and buy into this charade.“I dare you to watch it”. No, this is not your big Kracken moment. This does nothing but add to the evidence that many still suffer with Trump Derangement Syndrome and are OK with cult behavior.


David Gibson and Bill Goergen, THANK YOU!
Denise Cricsi– 6 million “babies ” is a matter of science and personal belief. Most abortions are done on the first 2 months, well before any organs have  formed..when it becomes a fetus.
Women and girls are being FORCED to breed against their will, even rape or incest.
I’m sure your goal is to end all abortions but that will never happen.  It just goes underground with backalley abortions, hangers, suicide ,whatever will solve their desperation. A 10 year old giving birth to her sibling? What about THEM?
Consider a females liberty. Can she be equal if she is forced into submission by the govt? What to decide for her own body?? The ones with actual heart beats??

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