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Letters to the Editor Sunday, July 3


America now ruled by minority party

The last few rulings by the Supreme Court underline a fatal flaw in our system of government.
Strict constructionists believe that every word of the Constitution must be obeyed without question.
This hogwash is part and partial to the flaws that govern our country in general.
The recent abortion decision included text that said that since abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution, there is no constitutional protection to an abortion.
The Constitution does not mention airplanes, cars, the internet, telephones, the light bulb, etc. More importantly the Constitution doesn’t mention women.
I suppose while there is an amendment addressing a women’s right to vote, no other rights should be assumed since they are not mentioned.
The conservatives on the bench will use the strict constitutional language when it suits their purpose. But as we have seen in Citizens United, they will decide to support any conservative item in their agenda.
The United States is now a minority-ruled country. The gerrymandering of congressional districts, the two senators per state and the Electoral College means that the majority will be ruled by a right-leaning minority.
This does not bode well for our future given the history of other minority-ruled nations.
Larry Lewis

Wake up to hypocrisy of Stefanik, the right

According to Rep. Elise Stefanik, the overturning of Roe v. Wade was a victory for the “sanctity of life.” What is her voting record on supporting the lives of children who have been born?
She belongs to a party that opposes a child tax credit, sufficient funding for handicapped children, funding for abused and neglected children, funding for adequate day care, funding for universal pre-K, funding for sufficient children’s health, funding for at risk children to keep them out of the criminal justice system … and more that ignore living children, including draconian adherence to a Second Amendment so badly misconstrued by the right.
She supports a president who lied about massive election fraud and did nothing but zealously attempt to overturn the election in his final months while many Americans were dying or became gravely ill from covid, a disease he minimized because he thought the coming pandemic would hurt his re-election chances.
I worked in child advocacy for 45 years, and when working to improve the welfare of children, we always had to work around the Republican Party for success.
I believe that life begins at birth and that we have a duty to respect the choices of women and to improve the health and welfare of living children. It’s time people woke up and realized the pure hypocrisy of Rep. Stefanik and the right.
Al Singer
Ballston Spa

Nation needs to pass reasonable gun laws

To all American citizens: I am angry, and heartbroken.
In the last few weeks there have been many mass shootings in our country. Two were carried out by young men aged 18.
AR-15 rifles were used to massacre human beings, adults and fourth-grade children.
Gun laws are being drafted, but there is no mention of a ban on AR-15 rifles.
It is a known fact that an 18-year-old brain is not fully developed and unable to implement impulse control. Why is a ban not being considered?
It is my understanding this type of weapon was designed to be used for combat situations; not to decapitate school children and make their bodies unrecognizable to their parents.
We need to change these laws or use our vote to remove those from office who refuse to listen to reason.
I am a mother and grandmother and remain heartbroken.
Dorothy Kenny


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Karol Newton July 4, 2022
| |

Larry Lewis  you are absolutely correct regarding the Republicans  who are no longer the party they once were.  Now they are the party of GREED OVER PEOPLE.
Al Singer  I absolutely agree with you about Stefanik.  She’s nothing but a tRUMP puppet and doesn’t care about the people she’s supposed to represent.  She’s totally worthless just like tRUMP

William Marincic July 4, 2022
| |

Larry Lewis No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. Did you see where the Constitution says you shall not deprive someone of LIFE? The SCOTUS followed the Constitution, it’s a terrible thing that people are mad that you can’t kill babies. 

FRED BARNEY July 3, 2022
| |

The matters that Mr. Singer raises can all bw dealt with at the state level.  In the case of New York the legilature has choosen to fund a new football stadium rather than spend money on the matters that he has drawn attenion to.