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Letters to the Editor Monday, July 4


Hutchinson’s courage rare for Republicans

I watched the Jan. 6 committee hearing on June28 and was very impressed by a young woman, Cassidy Hutchinson who gave testimony regarding some of the events leading up to the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection and the actual event itself.
Cassidy Hutchinson is a young woman who had worked for Steve Scalise, Ted Cruz and ultimately Mark Meadows, who was Donald Trump’s final Chief of Staff.
She showed courage in testifying under oath in front of the committee.
Initially, she was not planning to cooperate but switched legal advisers. They encouraged her to come forward.
Her testimony was very unfavorable to Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani and others in the White House. It was clear that there was a plan developed by them and others before the Jan. 6 insurrection to disrupt the final vote counting by Congress.
Mr. Trump encouraged his followers to go to the Capitol to disrupt this mandated vote counting of the U.S. electors selected by the states and presided over by Mike Pence who was then vice president.
The insurrection was responsible for the deaths of seven people and much public and private property was also destroyed.
The insurrectionists were intent on harming Mr. Pence and any other person who got in their way.
What is amazing is that only a few Republican politicians have had the courage to do what she did, which was to tell the truth under oath about the planning and execution of this insurrection.
Doug McFadden

If you don’t respect America, then leave

If Ms. Christman, in her June 25 letter (“Policy makers, media misrepresent Putin”) is so enamored of Putin and Putin’s version of truth, why doesn’t she emigrate there?
And if Texans are so intent on seceding, why don’t they? Because big talk is a lot easier than any action, big or small.
Debra Kenfield

Time to give women control over country

When our Constitution was written by rich, old white guys, women didn’t have rights.
So, it’s not surprising that some present day “originalist” Supreme Court members (I won’t use the term “justices”) think women can’t control their own bodies, that only male-run state legislatures can.
It’s also not surprising when two of those SCOTUS men have faced public charges of sexual abuse and rape.
We have evolved a bit since those original days. Women can now vote, wear pants (not allowed when I was in high school, only skirts) and earn over 70 cents compared to the dollar that men get.
Men seem to start all the illegal, immoral wars (like Bush and Putin) and start and run most of the dirty, greedy, deadly corporations.
Women generally seem to connect better to Mother Earth and respect her more.
Perhaps we should try a couple hundred years of a women-run society. Odds are they could do a better job. Let’s give it a try. For starters, let’s let them control their own bodies.
I, for one, volunteer to join the “men’s auxiliary” to support them.
We could call it “Let Her Decide.”
Peter Looker

Judges lied under oath, put Trump in jail

During their confirmation hearings, the three Trump-appointed justices now sitting on the Supreme Court lied about respecting precedent. They lied under oath.
Consider that for a moment: Justices of the highest court in the land lied under oath. Still think this country is the beacon of liberty in the eyes of the rest of the world?
It is also abundantly clear from the evidence put forward by the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol that Donald Trump engaged in a number of criminal behaviors.
Why have no charges been filed against any of these individuals? If you or I did anything similar, we would be in jail, or at least charged and tried.
Perhaps Richard Pryor was spot-on when he quipped “You go lookin’ for justice and that’s what you find. Just-us.”
Paul Deierlein

Democratic leaders lacking in courage

Today’s Democrat leaders have caved to the left and will not stand up and say, “Enough is enough, that we will not use violence and intimidation against people we disagree with.”  That has been the case now for weeks with the shameful attempts to intimidate the Supreme Court justices and attacks on women’s centers.
The law says that we cannot picket judges’ residences. The Democrats are in charge and could put a stop to this, yet they condone and invite it further.
The justices have families and the threats from the Democrat politicians are unsavory especially from our leaders, Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, Harris and others.
If I had voted for this cast of characters, I would be ashamed of myself for what they are doing to our country. It’s time you wrote to these people and told them to stop all this nonsense.
It’s OK if it’s not your house or your neighborhood that’s damaged, but it is “our collective home” and this hurts us all.
The pro-life centers that are being damaged are a primary source of refuge for women in need of help.
The answer from the left has been, “get rid of it, abort it, be done with it, we need child sacrifice!”
We have a responsibility to support women in distress. Let’s work together to help them, not to tear down.
Gerard F. Havasy
Clifton Park

Enforce 30 mph limit to control speeding

I’m writing because I really don’t think we should waste our tax money on new signs saying the speed limit is 25 mph when we see that some drivers don’t honor the 30 mph speed limit.
Instead how about putting our police department to work to try and quash this before somebody dies.
Bonita Cade


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jclark124 July 4, 2022
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Peter Looker, THANKS Man! We need more like you…not guys so insecure they need to “put women in their place,”