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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, July 5


Court rulings show need for term limits

I remind all that conservative political ideas on the U.S. Supreme Court gave our nation 100 years of legalized segregation.
Last month, the Supreme Court returned to those ideas.
The Court ruled the states can restrict the Fourth Amendment, by moving away from Roe v. Wade.
In the 1950s, the Court began the belief that our Constitution should be a living document adjusting to our changing society. States can have laws and regulation, but can never restrict the guaranteed promises of the freedoms in our Constitution.
Yet, this Court said a state can restrict a young woman’s right of medical choice. They did this under cover of a state’s right to regulate, which a state has an absolute right to do.
Think about segregation again as it pertained to education.
The state can regulate education, but it cannot restrict that right of education (by exclusion) to a citizen. Now the Court ruled it can restrict a woman’s right of medical choice.
The Supreme Court once ruled that the federal government could detain Japanese American citizens for an indefinite time and states could seize their property.
Inconsistent rulings by our Court are an indication in my opinion of political influence — not interpretation of our Constitution and protections of our freedoms.
Of course, the Court has a legacy of political rulings.
Next, they might say people can be considered property.
We need term limits for our Supreme Court judges.
We need protections against the Supreme Court and the politicians who appoint the judges.
Jim Novotny Sr.

Vote out criminals, pervs and cowards

It’s time good Americans put their dukes up against all this Republican nonsense.
I personally don’t want the future of this country in the hands of pathetic cowards like Kevin McCarthy or Ted Cruz or whack jobs like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Sidney Powell or Tucker Carlson or perverts like Matt Gates, Ralph Shorty and Donald Trump.
Having voted once at 67 in the year 2020, I knew it was time to get a full-blown criminal out of office.
When I see a yard sign saying, “Don’t blame me, I voted for Trump,” I have to chuckle. That’s a grown mature adult bragging about voting for a criminal.
I say it’s time to make this country great again through democracy.
Mark Barkyoumb, Sr.


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Ignatious P. Reilly

How does the Gazette editor determine what the paper will or will not print? Mr. Barkyoumb has libeled, used hate speech and personally attacked eight different people in one letter, stating that they are (not allegedly are, or could be) ‘whack jobs’, ‘perverts’ and ‘cowards’. It seems the rules are applied – or not – depending on the political slant of the comment. The policy seems to blatently favor liberal comments. This censoring policy certainly cannot be called lively, open debate. Liberalism, in point of fact, is not the majority political slant of the United States, it’s just the loudest. Because loud and abrasive is all they have and because the media promotes it endlessly. Allegedly. 

Mark Mahoney

Please. First off, they’re all public figures. There was no hate-speech in the letter. And as we’ve shown repeatedly, our standards apply equally for all political persuasions.
Also, enough with the charges of “censorship.” This is a private business. We’re entitled to publish or not publish whatever we wish on our own website.
Mark Mahoney, Editorial Page Editor.

Karol Newton

Mr. Barkyoumb Sr told the truth.  “Loud and abrasive”   you’ve described the GOP( GREED OVER PEOPLE) perfectly.  

Karol Newton

Jim Novotny Sr   excellent letter…. well said.   There needs to be term limits in the courts, house and the senate. Perfect example is  Mitch McConnell.
Mark Barkyoumb Sr.  another excellent letter.  What you said about certain individuals  was right on point.  They’d be better off on a comedy show


If the GOP takes over in the midterms, it will only embolden them and make them even worse! Liz Cheney and Madam Pelosi are begging the gop to take their party from the trump cult and return to the Grand Old Party.
Jim Novatny is correct about abortion and the Supreme Court. 45s cancer metastasized throughout our govt and every institution…even the Supreme Court members lied under oath.
We may need to expand the Court or come up with a fair rotation of getting them out. They proved that lifetime appointments are too dangerous. This country is NOT 2/3s conservative!

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