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Letters to the Editor Friday, July 8


Ostrelich will fight for women’s rights

In the eyes of the Supreme Court, as of June 24, those of us who can become pregnant are second-class citizens.
While I knew that this draconian Supreme Court would overturn the nearly 50-year precedent set by Roe v. Wade, hearing the decision that pregnant people in the United States no longer had the right to self-determination took all the air out of me.
It seems clear from the majority decision that the Court is ready to look at overturning other precedents.
You might not think that Roe impacts you personally, but what about the right to contraception? The right to marry who you love? The right to privacy?
We are all impacted, and that is why I am voting for Michelle Ostrelich for state Senate in the 44th District.
While Michelle advocates for reproductive choices for all, Sen. Jim Tedisco, Michelle’s opponent, has voted against reproductive rights throughout his political career. Michelle co-founded the Schenectady Coalition for Healthcare Access and has made it clear that reproductive choice is healthcare. Michelle will continue to call for legislation that protects the reproductive rights of New Yorkers. Join me in voting for Michelle Ostrelich for Senate 44th District.
Allison Jane Schultz

Seek accountability in boating deaths

The Gazette editorial (“Prevent tragedies on the waterways”) appeared in the June 29 Daily Gazette referencing the tragic boating death accident last July 4 of 20-year-old Ian Gerber on Saratoga Lake.
Alcohol was involved in the incident and the boaters were all underage for drinking.
My father always had boats and was a Bronze Star combat commander of a destroyer escort in the Pacific theater of World War II.
Safety on the water was Order Number One in our family, as we enjoyed the New Jersey and South Carolina coasts under Dad’s “command.”
The Gerber death never should have happened. Compounding the tragedy is a district attorney that did not do the job of establishing the facts through a complete investigation surrounding the death of this young man.
Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen never convened a grand jury in this matter, never compelled testimony through subpoenas and then tried to bury the story by releasing the settlement terms on Christmas Eve 2021. What was she trying to hide?
Sadly, because of DA Heggen’s negligence, the families will never know what happened the day Ian Gerber died on Saratoga Lake.
Unless and until public officials are held accountable for their lack of action, the families are victimized every day they remember the loss of their loved one.
Sharon Boyd
Saratoga Springs


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Thank you, Allison Jane Shultz. In addition to being second class citizens, banning abortion does not stop abortions…they just go underground putting females (women and girls) in danger. We’ll return to backalleys, overflowing sepsis cases, hangers, maiming and even death of females already here. These were reasons for creating the ability to get legal abortions, besides females’ constitutional right to privacy and liberty. 

William Marincic

Allison Jane Schultz this 50 year precedent was a bad decision by the SCOTUS, the government has no business in abortion, that belongs to the states. Also the SCOTUS could if they wanted to ban abortion everywhere in America due to the Constitution guaranteeing Life and Liberty, had the medical advances of today that actually can see a child in the womb been available in the 70s abortion would never have been decided positively in Roe V Wade.

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