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Letters to the Editor Sunday, July 10


Legal gun owners face challenges in NY

There is no right in which you have to ask for permission to have, except for the Second Amendment, and the reason is obvious.
The government is allowed to infringe on rights when it has a compelling interest to do so, and when the infringement is so narrowly tailored to achieve that interest.
That is why the most explicit right to, “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” is so often Infringed.
No New York gun law abides by this, especially the one quickly passed recently.
The law is broad, vague and the restrictions are far reaching. It is challenging to be a legal gun owner, because the laws are so vague that any gun that you purchase one day, could be banned the next without a change of legislation.
It is challenging to be a legal gun owner, because to transport your gun anywhere, you need the express permission of the owner of every property you pass through. It is challenging to be a legal gun owner, because, well, because.
The reality is that restrictions on gun owners will do little if anything to improve public safety. They will simply increase the number of illegal guns. You are not a ‘Legal Gun Owner’, You are a ‘Not Yet Illegal Gun Owner.’
Chris Capozzola
Saratoga Springs

Bellevue getting shortchanged again

I was dismayed to read in a recent Gazette story on swimming pools that once again, Bellevue receives short shrift from the city.
Hillhurst pool will not open this year due to needed repairs (which the city has known about for years). With splash pads sprouting up all over the city, Bellevue kids will have to hope people from the Boys and Girls Club will bring a garden hose and maybe a sprinkler like they did last year.
We have been promised improvements to Hillhurst and Fairview parks for years. New basketball and tennis courts were promised and funding for this from the county has been with the city for over a year.
When I ask when, I get the answer “next year” “next year” “next year.” Every year, the same thing.
Frankly, I’m tired of waiting for the city to consider Bellevue as an important neighborhood.
Ray Faught

Sad state of affairs for Republican Party

There are at least three heroes in the Republican Party: Liz Cheney, Rusty Bowers and Brad Raffensperger.
By contrast, Smullen is afraid of the NRA, Tedisco is afraid of Neil Breslin, and Stefanik is an obsequious Trump sycophant.
Replacing a woman of courage and integrity with Stefanik is a sad commentary on the state of the Republican Party.
Paul Sator


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