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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, July 13


Biden questions are still not answered

Regarding Sandra Natale’s May 17 letter (“Grateful to those for refuting the lies”), my questions for her are: Has she “fact checked” why Biden doesn’t, or shall I say can’t, answer more than one question at a time? How about Biden leaving civilians and our equipment in Afghanistan to the Taliban?

Have you “fact checked” that?

I actually could go on (and on, etc.) about our current president’s non-accomplishments.

But just one last question: Is your current financial situation way better before ole Joe or after? Oh that’s right; it’s none of his or his administration’s fault.

No fact checking for my questions. Just totally true.
Tina Bacon


Common sense is needed on guns

Regarding The Gazette headline on June 7, “New York raises age to buy semiautomatic refiles to 21”: This is not going to stop the mass murders done by people with these guns.

Ban these assault weapons. No hunter ever uses a gun (rifle) with more than six shots for hunting.

The only people that should have these rifles is someone that’s active in the military. And if they are done serving, they must turn in their rifles if they are semiautomatic and hold more than six shots.

And another hint. The media has got to stop giving these people their 15 minutes worth of fame for weeks on end. It gives others that are walking a fine line the notion maybe I should do that too.

People in the powers to be – use common sense, please.
Anne Fringo


In primary, reward Tedisco’s bravery

Jim Tedisco is one brave legislator. He stood up to Gov. Eliot Spitzer when Spitzer threatened to “steamroll” him. He targeted Tedisco because Jim was resisting his absolute power.

When the governor tried to make us get needless new license plates for $25 although they only cost $1.50 for inmates to make, the arrogant Manhattan majority laughed out “so what?”

Tedisco gets that when you are on a fixed income, as we all are now, that it matters, and he stopped it fast.

Jim stood up against driver licenses for undocumented immigrants as many sat silent or proclaimed, “Let them eat cake.”

Criminal justice and animal abuse saw Jim creating Buster’s Law. The FBI tells us animal abusers are next prone to violence against vulnerable children and others.

Jim is at the forefront of real issues — violent crime, taxes and accountability.

We all know Tedisco is right for Schenectady and Saratoga counties. Expecting him to run in a hugely Democrat Albany district against an entrenched Democrat is really so that the “powers that be” can eliminate our voices.

It’s us they want to shut up. Primary day is Aug. 23. Be heard and reward bravery.
Joe Suhrada
Ballston Lake


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christopher stater

Biden has far surpassed Tumps Presidency he has proved a world leader driven by ethics and a respect for the constitution. We are fortunate the truth of the Trumps Presidency is being exposed for all to embrace!

Who Ville

Agree, though far too many still refuse to acknowledge the former president’s appalling (and likely criminal) behavior.  I couldn’t imagine holding any politician in such high regard that they are beyond criticism, especially when their actions are so obviously self-serving.  

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