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Letters to the Editor Thursday, July 14


Americans need to stand up – together

In his June 18 column, (“Let’s learn from the recent past to ensure our future,”) Dr. Roger H. Hull’s argument wasn’t only great, but healthy. We’re all Americans. His presentation was philosophical not political, American not Democratic nor Republican.
He wrote: “Will we in the United States summon the intestinal fortitude to defend our democracy?” And do it together!
In my day (1950s), we called that fortitude “pure guts.” In my older brother’s day, Pearl Harbor. Guts to get up and return our fury.
A Japanese admiral after the attack allegedly said, “We have awakened a sleeping giant.”
Are we still giants? Or are we sleeping? In our day we call that fortitude 9/11 — we did wake up until bin Laden did sleep.
Another implicit conclusion by Dr. Hull: let’s be grateful for living here in the United States.
Go live in Russia, find how many gay liberals or White nationalists are walking around speaking freely. More likely silent and unfound. Sleeping God knows where.
One more possible conclusion from Dr. Hull: Take nothing for granted. We need unity, not division. We are all Americans.
Whites need to stand with Blacks and Latinos and Native Americans and supremacists and immigrants.
A non-American long ago said it this way: “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never — in nothing great or small, large or petty — never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense.” (Churchill) Let’s not sleep on our honor and good sense.
Let’s stand and work and laugh and be free together.
Lewis E. Kain

Stefanik is hardly an advocate for safety

Marnie Messitt’s June 22 letter (“Thanks to Stefanik for gun safety bill”) praising Elise Stefanik for some gun legislation she supposedly proposed.
TV news that night said she voted against the bipartisan legislation Congress was passing. Elise Stefanik is an NRA-Trump supporter. Don’t expect reasonable gun legislation from her.
It seems that the fierce anti-abortion politicians have little issue with killing children with rifles. A bit of a dichotomy.
Ethel Robinson


Enhance Nicholaus property with mural

Your July 9 editorial (“Make old Nicholaus stie special again”) regarding the possible improvements to the State and Erie site of the old Nicholaus building gave many worthy suggestions.
May I make one more? While landscaping, benches and a much better home for Lady Liberty would all be most welcome, how about enhancing the bare brick facade with a mural depicting the corner as it looked when the Erie Canal ran by?
The historical society might provide a photo that could be reproduced creating a beautiful tribute to the city’s past while enhancing a wall completely devoid of character. It would also provide a perfect backdrop to the other proposed landscaping enhancements while becoming a focal point to be proud of.
Virginia Newton
Burnt Hills



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William Marincic July 14, 2022
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Thank you Nick Kane

William Marincic July 14, 2022
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Thank you Nick Kane.