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Letters to the Editor Friday, July 15


Nation needs to get better at parenting

I thank and commend Raymond LeBel for his June 16 letter (“Take steps to make America well again.”) If you think the problem is guns, you’re looking at it wrong, but it’s a good idea to greatly reduce their numbers.
People in other countries have guns, but they aren’t killing each other. The core problem isn’t the guns, but our systematic angry culture.
How have we come to the point where we need police in our schools? Our parents stressed the importance of education. Do today’s parents give that message to their children?
The majority of our country’s problems are a result of systematic inadequate parenting.
Many parents don’t teach their children what they need to know: how to think, cope, problem solve, empathy, help others, and responsibility.
They also don’t give them what they need: love, comfort, nurturing, warmth, and support.
So we’re left with a group of angry, poorly informed and poorly educated young people unable to adequately support themselves or be productive citizens.
They steal to survive and kill each other to settle disputes.
We put them in prisons, where they refine their bad behavior skills and aren’t taught any marketable skills. We then turn them loose.
Parenting is a lot of work when done right. If you sign up, do the work. Don’t waste a child.
Good results are not guaranteed, but you will be proud and satisfied with a job well done.
Can’t our “village” break the cycle, one home, one family at a time? Of course we can.
Marilyn B. Guidarelli

Tedisco stands for conservative values

Sen. Jim Tedisco has been a strong and outspoken conservative voice for Saratoga County taxpayers and all New Yorkers fighting against the status quo in Albany for many years.
Tedisco is sponsoring legislation to repeal the bail reform law, which has allowed dangerous criminals to be released.
He went toe to toe against corrupt Andrew Cuomo and stood up to Eliot Spitzer and Sheldon Silver when others hid in fear.
Jim fights for New York state’s beleaguered taxpayers and he defends our constitutional rights.
In fact, this year, Jim Tedisco received an award from the New York State Conservative Party for having a 100% conservative voting record. That’s no small feat.
Saratoga and Schenectady counties are truly Tedisco Country as he’s represented 78% of the municipalities in the 44th Senate District at one point or another over the years and currently is the senator for 60% of the present population.
I’m proud to support Sen. Jim Tedisco for the 44th Senate District and encourage all Conservative Party voters to support him in the August 23 primary.
Robert Zordan
The writer is the Saratoga County Conservative Party chairman.



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