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Letters to the Editor Saturday, July 23


Column can serve as a starting point

I am often very quick to criticize your editorial selections as too biased and extreme to be anything other than triggering and divisive.
Therefore, when I come across one that not only is reasoned and politically neutral, but actually presents a new perspective on a hot-button topic, I feel obliged to give credit where it is due.
The Stephen Asma column (“How can we prevent violent loners from killing?”) in the July 17 Sunday Gazette was one such article.
The author’s point, identifying our current culture as the key factor in the creation of alienated, weaponized loners, I believe gets right to the heart of the matter, and recognizing that this is the problem we need to solve if we hope to reduce and/or eliminate mass shootings of innocents, is where we should be spending our resources.
The column did a brilliant job of building the case for the author’s point of view, and I commend the editors of The Gazette for publishing it.
If you care about solving the problem of random mass shootings in America, and you missed this piece, I strongly recommend you go to the archives and read up. It is true the column was written to identify the issue and its causes, and was therefore short on proposed solutions. But it is enough for it to serve as a starting point to finally have meaningful and effective conversation if we hope to make progress in finding solutions that work.
S. John Lynch

Print letters for all political candidates

The Capital District is a diverse area. That diversity needs to be reflected in Letters to the Editor.
More equitable coverage of letters regarding the state Senate race is needed.
Michelle Ostrelich is also running for that position. Ms. Ostrelich also cares about thriving schools, high quality childcare, safe roads and bridges and accountability in government.
Please print letters for both candidates.
Eleanor Aronstein
Editor’s Note: We can only print letters we actually receive. We don’t reject any letters based on who the candidate is, nor do we favor any candidate over another in deciding which letters we publish.



Left has facts wrong on abortion and guns

In his letter (“Anti-Roe justices are out of touch”) in the July 19 Gazette, Don Steiner is worried that poor women would not be eligible for an abortion, and that abortions would favor rich women. Not true.
Mr. Steiner continues on. stating that none of the Supreme Court justices are medical doctors and indicates that they are not qualified to make that decision. I don’t believe that was one of the qualifications or a requirement to be a Supreme Court justice and serve up a ruling.
I also wonder if he realizes that there are many forms of birth control that women and men can utilize instead of using abortions as a means of birth control. In actuality, what the Supreme Court actually did was left the decision of abortion up to each individual state. What is so wrong with that? Mr. Steiner continues on his left-leaning opinions by stating that because of the SCOTUS decision on the Second Amendment, we now live in a country where a young man should have access to a deadly assault rifle.
The term assault rifle is given to black semi-automatic rifles by the Democratic left-wing organization and the left-leaning media. Many along with Mr. Steiner echo those false descriptions and quite frequently in The Gazette. I don’t believe Mr. Steiner is qualified to make a determination which rifle is an assault rifle. The difference is quite significant.
Rick Splawnik

Tedisco is out of touch and has to go

It’s time to ditch Sen. Jim Tedisco. You’ve given Jimbo years, and all he’s done is show up for political events. He’s protected puppies, for which we thank him, but that’s not a lot to show for such a long time supported by your taxes.
He’s totally out of touch on many issues, including abortion. That’s among the many reasons why I’m voting for Michelle Osterlich. Cornell grad, with a law degree from UConn, she has practiced law and demonstrated skills improving local health care delivery. Imagine what she can do for us in the Senate. For the upcoming primary, her competition is in fact endorsing her. Just ask Daphne Jordan how “gentleman Jim” treated her recently. The choice this fall is simple. Bye Jim.
Polly Windels

Stop garbage trucks from leaking liquids

I live in a great part of the city of Amsterdam. I am a walker who goes out every morning for my walk. Recently, I purchased an e-bike. While walking and riding I couldn’t help but notice these stinky puddles of pollution on our newly paved street; not caused by rain, but the garbage truck.
It dribbled this smelly liquid, and when the stern man compacted the trash, the stinky liquid marred my street and every street.
I can’t help but wonder what this will do for those hard-working young men who were picking up the trash and walking in this disgusting discharge.
It isn’t the men who work on the trucks that’s to blame; it’s the trucks. I know what I put in my trash and don’t want to be near it when it turns to that stinky liquid.
I spent time in another area and never saw trash trucks leaking anything.
We talk about pollution and the environment and allow this to happen. I’m afraid it will rot the tires on my bike. Time to stop the pollution so we can enjoy walking our dogs and all the fine people who enjoy a walk in my area can do so without having to dodge these stinky puddles.
I am also worried about my new e-bike tires. Stop the pollution.
Hank Haas

Abolish Johnstown’s failed water board

In my opinion, the government should have three things: competence, good financial judgment and stability, all of which are lacking in Johnstown’s Water Board.
Election to Johnstown’s Water Board doesn’t automatically give anyone the qualifications to oversee the operations of a water department.
Where’s the competence of a water board that meets less than six hours in six months, with the board president present less than three?
Is good financial judgment to having $5.5 million in a low-interest-bearing checking account while not paying to complete vital projects, letting a half million dollar grant expire and losing that money because of inaction. Is good financial management switching water meters, only to switch back because the new faulty meters are costing taxpayers millions and the loss of approximately 25% in water rent revenues? Then increasing water rents by 36% with nothing being used for infrastructure?
Finally, under the water board, stability in the water department, in my opinion, is not there, with workers not being paid and the senior water plant operator leaving because of the ineptitude of the board and constant inability to work with city government.
And because of failure to have someone qualified to step into the job of senior operator, city residents could have to start boiling water the day after he’s gone. Is that what a 36% water rent increase gets taxpayers?
My opinion is that the Johnstown Water Board is not serving the taxpayers of the city properly and should be abolished.
Gary Locatelli

Easy call to choose Democrats over GOP

Our two major political parties are at opposite ends of the spectrum.
The Democrats have offered up their Build Back Better plan. It includes programs that guarantee free pre-school education for 3- and 4-year olds.
It caps childcare at 7% of a family’s income, expands Medicare for Americans 65 and older to include vision, dental and hearing coverage. It provides more than 35 million households up to $3,600 (or $300 per month) in tax cuts per child by extending the American Rescue Plan’s expanded Child Tax Credit.
If you buy an electric car made in America before 2027, you would receive a $12,000 tax credit. It would allow the government to negotiate with drug companies and bring down medication costs.
House Democrats have also passed The John Lewis Voting Rights Act, a bipartisan infrastructure bill, and gun background check bill. They support a woman’s reproductive rights, a future for American Dreamers, fair share tax bills and bills to try and protect our environment.
The Trump-led GOP continues to support the “Big Lie.” They’re opposed to a women’s right to choose, gun safety laws and any expansion of voters’ rights.
Republicans blame President Biden for world-wide post pandemic inflation and high gas prices but have offered no solution of their own. For me, the choice is easy.
One party wants to propel middle class Americans and our country forward into the future. The other wants to protect their power and maintain the status quo.
Bob Karandy
Burnt Hills

Velella, for common sense in Assembly

To members of the state’s 110th Assembly District — encompassing Colonie, Latham, Niskayuna and surrounding areas — Alexandra Velella, the moderate Republican candidate running against radical Assemblyman Phil Steck, is the most competent and common sense candidate. Alexandra is running on a common sense platform, offering a respectable voice of moderate and common sense perspectives.
Mrs. Velella is not a politician. She is not an elitist and not a self-centered Albany hypocrite.
She is simply a patriotic citizen, and one who is not afraid to speak up for those who are left unheard by corporate lobbyists and politicians from the internal New York state politics.
All in all, I encourage the great citizenry of the 110th Assembly District to make their voices heard this November and send Alexandra to the state Assembly.
She will fight to lower taxes by suspending utility and gas taxes, supplying higher earned income tax credit for poor families, and offer a moderate, common sense voice to all constituents of the 110th District, regardless of any statistic or character trait.
Everett Noakes
Clifton Park


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Joseph Vendetti

Mr. Karandy:
“Free” and “Credits” are buzz words that as a taxpayer make me cringe.  Nothing is “Free” – there is a price to be paid for daycares, medication, education, gasoline and our existence.
Politicians on the left, right and center care about 1 thing – being re-elected.  Unless we have Term Limits – we have an ineffective Legislative branch that advances causes to stay in power.

William Marincic

Bob Karandy, Ronald Reagan said it best, he said not that my Democrat friends are stupid they just know so many things that just aren’t true.

bob gareat

the left and  abortion. my how they attempt to decieve lol. i guess the neighbors being encouraged to turn each other in for monetary rewards . The potential bans on interstate travel related to abortion. The potential bans on telemedicine related to abortion services are all just rumors. i guess Mr. Steiner is really off base in speaking that  truth. the reality is  it is the truth  in my mind my neighbors health care decisions are none of my business, oh and how about we label any weapon used to blast 19 kids and 2 teachers  to death an assualt weapon automatically . Lets just get  rid of that nonsensical  spin and confusion.Time to get back to reality

geri krawitz

mr kurandy how many people can afford an electric car most people drive older cars its all they can afford
why dlose the keystone pipeline but agree to a pipeline in russia. why buikld a windmill plant in delaware subsidize it and have it run bu an italian company. republucans do not have to make excuses when trump left office inflation was 1.4%  owehaos you can explain how a rate of 9% is better and progress making looting muggings murders in blue states are all up at least 40% trumps fault we also had plenty of baby formula when trump was president

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