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Letters to the Editor Monday, July 25


Intersection needs four-way stop signs

This letter is intended for anyone in Schenectady politics. My wife and I live at the corner of Lenox Road and Raymond Street. This is the only intersection the entire length of Lenox Road that doesn’t have a 4-way stop.
Could someone please explain this to me? My wife and I have lived at that corner for almost 15 years and there are between five and nine accidents each year.
The one on July 15 was one of the worst I’ve ever “heard,” yes, heard. I heard the impact over the sound of my lawn mower and ear plugs. One day a car is going to run the stop sign and hit a child on a bike.
Please, consider putting the two stop signs on Raymond.
Butch Slater

Stefanik blatantly misleading public

Rep. Elise Stefanik is at it again, lying and gaslighting to cover up the revelations of the Jan. 6 select committee of the House of Representatives.
Stefanik played loose with the truth in telling the public this week that the Jan. 6 committee is devoid of Republican input and is nothing but a dog-and-pony show staged by the Democrats.
Most of the witnesses called by the committee have been Republicans with an abundance of first-hand knowledge of the lead-up to and execution of the seditious riot. The Republicans initially shunned an attempt to create a bi-partisan investigation.
Many Republican witnesses have defied subpoenas or invoked the Fifth Amendment.
It’s astounding how the Republican base allows Stefanik and the rest of the acolytes to mislead them while taking out their angst on those Republicans who put country over party and have come forward to tell the truth — under oath. Liz Cheney, a pure  conservative Republican, has taken a key role in the proceedings.
It’s up to voters to hold Stefanik accountable and recognize her brazen dishonesty in the name of sheer politics. The survival of our democracy depends on it.
Al Singer
Ballston Spa

Ostrelich counter to MAGA Republicans

I have lived in Niskayuna for 19 years, raised my children here and am grateful to live in a caring community.
I worry that too many of us are unaware of the threat posed by MAGA Republicans, even here in Niskayuna.
We all want a future that builds on the progress of past generations. The MAGA Republicans want to undo that progress, roll back our rights, even cancel our freedom to have our voices heard at the ballot box.
Lee Zeldin, a MAGA Republican at the top of the state ticket, voted against certifying the 2020 election, even after the Jan. 6 insurrection. Jim Tedisco, who proudly campaigns with Zeldin, voted against a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions and against early voting.
MAGA Republicans do not offer progress, they offer contempt. They do not respect our decisions at the ballot box or in our doctors’ offices.
I support Michelle Ostrelich because she has demonstrated a commitment to progress.
She has been a long-term advocate for reproductive healthcare rights and has continued her advocacy as a co-founder of the Schenectady Coalition for Healthcare Access.
Michelle is the kind of leader we need in the state Senate 44th District.
Katie Chao

Cartoon offensive to Biden, seniors

In regard to your political cartoon in the July 20 Gazette which showed President Biden with a walker, what a terrible disservice to portray seniors this way.
President Biden also rides a bicycle, keeps himself fit and trim.
He does what a lot of seniors do, keeps busy and active.
He cares for the people instead of himself, unlike the last occupant of the White House.
James Lechowicz



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William Marincic

You got a love these anti-Trump letters, Biden has the lowest approval rating than any president in history besides Richard Nixon right before he resigned. But we got time, he can still beat Nixon. If the election was done today Trump would have a landslide. The only person they have to replace Biden is Gavin Newsom which is even worse than him. Y’all better look to 26 and 28.

No, there is no “landslide”. Post your source for that statement, or continue to be mostly bluster and noise. I’m predicting you can’t provide an unbiased source. I suggest you look at what 538 is posting. No one questions their agenda.

Karol Newton

Billy you continue to drink the orange kool-aid.  tRUMP is even losing Republicans who don’t want any more to do with his BIG LIES. The January 6th committee has proven beyond a doubt that tRUMP was behind the insurrection.  Only place he’s going is to jail.

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