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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, July 26


Compromise site possible for Liberty?

As a young Boy Scout who helped raise money for our Schenectady’s Lady Liberty and attended her dedication in 1950 and one who became very dismayed by her removal from Liberty Park and later disrespectful new installation at the corner of Union Street and Erie Boulevard l, along with others have lobbied for her return to Liberty Park.

A true symbol of America for generations of immigrants and native born alike.

It has become apparent that the political powers, in their infinite wisdom, to abandon Liberty Park in favor of the “new concept” Gate Way Landing, and therefore Lady Liberty had to go.

The City Council however expressed sensitivity to our Lady’s supporters and on Nov. 8, 2021, passed a resolution requesting that Mayor McCarthy return our beloved statue to Liberty Park.

We are still waiting.

Behold, there appears to me to be an acceptable compromise alternative on the horizon that may meet the needs of all concerned.

The July 9 Daily Gazette editorial (“Make old Nicholaus site special again”) suggested, “Maybe the lot would be a good place for a statue of a prominent historic figure…(or, dare we say it, Lady Liberty?)” A new Liberty Park came to my mind.

Virginia Newton, in her July 14 letter (“Enhance Nicholaus property with mural”) suggested a number of possible site enhancements among them “…a better home for Lady Liberty.”

What do you think City Council and Mr. Mayor? Please let us know.
Lance R. Jackson


Ironic that GE’s logo is getting new life

It‘s interesting General Electric CEO H. Lawrence Culp Jr. announced the GE logo will be attached to aircraft engine, health and energy businesses with the final sale in 2024.

I remember back in the 80s when Jack Welch wanted to change the name of GE. He paid a San Francisco ad agency $3 million to come up with a name that signified technology. He had read a high school survey in which most of the students thought GE built toasters (which he sold among hundreds of other things.)

Fortunately the ad firm had enough integrity to spend some of that money interviewing customers, investors and the general public to declare General Electric was highly respected.

So to satisfy Welch, they recommended taking the Victorian curls out of the GE logo and just using the modernized logo without the full name, which resulted in millions more to redesign product identification, including trucks.

Ironically, Welch sold off advanced technology and closed product development labs to finance and turn GE into a financial business, which had its final comeuppance in 2008.

Never mind that Culp is making $25 million a year and Welch left with a golden parachute of over $417 million. I wonder what a real estate agent is making selling all those 150 U. S. manufacturing plants we used to have.
Mary Kuykendall
Ballston Lake


Basic human flaws will lead to our doom

Evidence suggests humankind will have the briefest and most tragic run of any dominant species on Earth.

Our primitive tribal emotions control our behavior, not our intellect.

Fear of others and the need for security through group identity have created the nations, religions, and cultures that see one another as so threatening that they are willing to risk apocalypse to prevent humiliation or defeat by “others.”

Our common human identity is second to our group identity and causes the insensitivity that allows the better off to indulge in luxuries while others die for lack of adequate food, water, medical care and shelter.

Among nations and within nations the rich and powerful vie with those less fortunate for dwindling resources. Enormous resources are wasted on the military and weapons for those hell-bent on keeping what is “theirs.”

Ignoring what we all share, a desire to fulfill our emotional, physical, and intellectual needs we band together in mutually hostile groups with nations and religions being the major adversaries.

Those categories are further divided on the bases of every cultural, physical and sexual denominator conceivable. We don’t see individuals. We see members of other groups threatening to deprive us of our identity, rights and privileges.

Any call for a world order based on social, economic and political justice, from John Lennon’s “Imagine’’ to Eugene Debs’ heartfelt speeches, is unrealistic. We are short-sighted, selfish and stubborn cavemen with weapons of mass destruction. We can’t change who we are, and it will be our doom.
Anthony J. Santo


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Zachary Parker

John Lennon’s song Imagine was based on a perfect communist society where the government handles all of our needs. You can look it up, John Lennon later confirmed that the similarities between his ideals set out in the song and Communism were indeed deliberate: “’Imagine’, which says: ‘Imagine that there was no more religion, no more country, no more politics,’ is virtually the Communist Manifesto, even though I’m not, particularly a Communist”. It’s not surprising that a far-left democrat as Mr. Santo would suggest this.

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