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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, July 27


Writer mistaken about care of horses

Scott Davis’ letter (“End our love affair with horse racing”) in the July 20 Gazette was a sad and misleading representation of the King of Sports.
As a thoroughbred owner and advocate for the safety of all animals, especially thoroughbreds, I would be among the first to complain if I witnessed any abuse.
Aftercare for all equine athletes is a New York priority.
The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA), New York Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association and New York Thoroughbred Breeders hosted a thoroughbred aftercare day on July 21 at the track that highlighted varying second careers.
Several organizations ensure proper care and new careers for retiring racehorses such as ReRun, Inc., New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program, Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue, Take the Lead, TAKE2 Second Career Thoroughbred Program, and thoroughbred retirement farms such as Old Friends at Cabin Creek and the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation.
These, and others, are all accredited by the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance.
On July 1, the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA) took effect.
Signed into federal law in 2020, this authority is responsible for drafting and enforcing uniform safety and integrity rules in thoroughbred racing in the United States.
Anyone associated with horse racing must register with HISA.
It has rules and requirements for trainers, jockeys and owners.
Saratoga horse racing also pumps millions of dollars into the area and provides jobs for hundreds of people.
The idea to destroy the oldest major sporting venue in the country and replace it with low-income housing is preposterous.
Deborah Miles
Clifton Park

Don’t give Trump attention he craves

Prosecute Trump? Consider the downside of an indictment.
For the nation, it would be pouring salt into an already open wound. An indictment would automatically give Trump a legal bully pulpit from which to continue spewing his libelous rhetoric.
An indictment would give him a forum for two years or more to legally challenge the committee’s good work.
Intent would have to be proven and this would turn into a protracted “he-said-she-said” standoff.
As Hollywood knows, any publicity, good or bad, is welcomed.  Trump would like nothing more than to have his name in front of voters for the coming years.
The historical perspective is best served by the eventual compilation and completion by the committee as to what happened on Jan. 6. A failed trial would not show America in the best light.
The precedent is already fresh in our nation’s history when “I’m not a crook!” ex-president Richard Nixon was pardoned by Gerald Ford.
Trump did not get away with anything. He lost the popular vote in 2016, lost the popular and electoral vote in 2020, lost essentially all his court cases in trying to prove his lie, and showed his true colors on Jan. 6.
Remember the ultimate goal is to keep Trump from any thought of the presidency in 2024.
Let him fade into oblivion in his self-made rabbit hole. Let time have a chance at healing.
Earl Spencer


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Zachary Parker

The election of Joe Biden was the largest and most painful “I told you so” in the history of the United States. TDS runs rampant here in The Communist State of New York.


I disagree with Mr Spencer, although I understand what he’s saying about 45 craving attention. He’ll get it anyway one way or another since he was a US president.
If he did one thing, maybe, but he attacked our form of government and tried to become an American Putin!
Our country is built on the Constitution and the rule of law. If no citizen is above the law, then he must be indicted.

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