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Letters to the Editor Sunday, July 31


Change the way we allow gun purchases

It’s time for a big change in the buying of guns. This is an idea that could work, and even the NRA may like it.
If someone is sick, they go to a doctor and get a script for the drug, then go to a drug store and buy the drug.
If someone wants to buy a gun, they go to the state police, the sheriff’s department or the police department. They get a form to fill out and give to the law department, who then checks this person out and then gives a gun script for that person to buy a gun.
The gun shop sends a copy of the sale back the law agency.
This is a small charge for this, and it also gives more control on gun sales before the gun is bought.
Again, this is only an idea as we have to do something to make sure only good people buy guns. It may not be easy, but it is a step in the right direction. We talk about some kind of control; now let’s give it a try. We have to make a change for the better now.
Sid Gordon

Choose headline language carefully

The headline for the July 24 Gazette read: “Jan.6 hearings traced an arc of ‘carnage’.”
I saw that and silently fumed, so congrats to the editors if part of their goal was to incense a large portion of their readership. I don’t presume to speak for fellow Trump supporters, but you don’t have to be a Trump supporter to feel the injustice of that headline.
Carnage? Be real. You minimize the impact of the word and, consequently, events that would be much more accurately described as carnage by referring to the death that day of an unarmed Trump supporter and damage to the U.S. Capitol as carnage.
As tragic as that all may be, it wasn’t carnage. Vesuvius’ eruption over Pompeii caused carnage. The Galveston hurricane brought carnage. Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg where thousands of Americans died was carnage.
And the riots of 2020 which resulted in scores of people dying and fires destroying large portions of several major cities produced carnage.
Those largely coordinated riots were designed to instill fear and help carry Joe Biden to victory. To those ends they were successful.
The Jan. 6 riot was a sad attempt to halt a very controversial and, many would argue, fraudulent election. To that end, it had a snowball’s chance at succeeding.
I know the word “carnage” was lifted from what Jamie Raskin, Rep. from Maryland, said about Jan.6, but he is one of the most rabid partisan politicians in Washington. The article doesn’t reference him until page 8.
Art Pagano

Beware propaganda machine for climate
The global warming agenda demands steps be taken to limit average global temperature increase to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the 21st century.
So what is “average global temperature?” It is currently calculated using temperature data from 4,500 data stations around the globe.
This might seem like plenty of data, but consider that the surface area of the Earth is about 196 million square miles. That means one measuring point for every 43,000 square miles or an area about the size of New York state.
Where would you place that thermometer to get a representative “average temperature” for the entire state?
Probably not in Buffalo or Long Island, which have completely different weather patterns, nor on a mountain peak in the Adirondacks or a farm near the Finger Lakes.
Expand that to the rest of the planet and you can see the problem. Adding 4,499 more of the same non-representative data points on a global basis does not improve accuracy or predictive value.
Now consider that the predictive models used to forecast future temperatures are notoriously inaccurate.
Is it prudent to spend billions of dollars eliminating reliable gas, coal and nuclear power plants to replace them with unreliable wind and solar without any guarantee that the claimed benefits would be worth the expense?
The global warming propaganda machine does not want you to understand the shaky ground supporting global warming pseudoscience.
Instead they peddle fear and false promise hoping you simply go along.
Timothy Connolly

Plenty of evidence on Trump’s bravado
There is no evidence of voter fraud, but we have Trump’s boldness and brashness.
Michael Foster

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christopher stater

Any rational person would recognize the appropriateness of the use of theterm carnage to describe thr insurrection of Jan 6th. Plain and simple fact.

christopher stater

I believe it was the traitor in chief himself who admitted he knew they had guns that day when he demanded the metal detectors be turned off those pesky hearings really are getting close.

You’re both (and all your repeaters) are dreaming, and misinformed. This is more tap-dancing around what happened which considering the arrests and convictions so far, and that so many felt it was inportant to document their little excursion remains very self-explanatory. It causes many of us to wonder, what could you possibly hope to accomplish by publicly stating what is obviously not true?
The only definition of “insurrection” that specifies guns is Tucker Carlson’s. Look it up. It’s a violent revolt against authority. Guns are not required.
PolitiFact reviewed the case files for hundreds of defendants who were arrested and charged for their actions at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and found several defendants who police say were found to have brought firearms. Some were charged with having firearms on Capitol grounds while others stashed them nearby. -Politifact, 6/15/2022
Radio transmissions between Capitol Police have very clearly shown they were aware of individuals carry AR style weapons around the Capitol grounds.
Further the Proud Boys (cough) have already plead to having a rapid response cache of weaponry nearby, ‘just in case’.

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