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Letters to the Editor Monday, Aug. 1


Legitimate protest is based on facts

George Brougham’s July 28 letter (“Would Jefferson support Jan. 6?”) was very appropriately printed above Danny Westneat’s essay “GOP’s election conspiracy scam comes full circle.”
Mr. Westneat establishes through fact that Joe Biden won the 2020 election fairly.
Would any reasonable U.S. citizen think that Thomas Jefferson, a founder of the University of Virginia, would support an insurrection based on lies manufactured by Trump supporter propagandists?
Surely valid history teaches us that the participants of Shay’s Rebellion and the French Revolution had grievances based on facts, not lies. Thus, the letter promotes a false equivalency.
Fred Chambers
Fort Plain


Stefanik is falsely painted as extremist

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is ranked in the top 25% most bipartisan members of Congress yet has been portrayed as an extremist by fake news media that only looks to cause havoc and spread hysteria in order to push their leftist agenda.
It is important to consider all of the congresswoman’s accomplishments and thoroughly research what she truly stands for.
Two areas I have found that Elise represents well are mental health and veteran support.
For mental health, Elise supports school based health clinics and has raised millions of dollars for local mental health, substance abuse, and rehabilitation centers.
For the mental health of our veterans, Congresswoman Stefanik voted to advance the Student Veterans Counseling Centers Eligibility Act, legislation that expands access for counseling services to service members returning to school.
Although Elise is successful in promoting several bipartisan issues, mental health and veteran support are two examples of her continuous support of our community. Congresswoman Stefanik has proven to fight for our well-being and pave the way for future mental health awareness. I am a proud supporter of Congresswoman Stefanik and urge everyone to vote for Elise in November.
Paul Sheehan



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Zachary Parker August 1, 2022
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Fred Chambers, Fairly would mean the hunter Biden laptop story was not being suppressed by all of the mainstream media. Fairly would be that Mark Zuckerberg didn’t dump $500,000,000 into swing states to stop Trump from winning, fair would be that State AGs didn’t change the rules with drop boxes and ballot counting in the 11th hour. I wonder what you would think if these things happened to your candidate, would it still be a fair election?