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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Aug. 2


Gloversville doesn’t need smoke shop

Gloversville quality of life issues need to be the focus of the community.
This evening, residents of West, a street and the surrounding area, will have the opportunity to comment on a proposed “smoke” shop convenience store located at 98 Spring St.
Do we really need another smoke shop? Especially in a residential neighborhood that contains schools and churches.
The city already has an abundance of these shops, which create negative quality of life issues including an increase in criminal activity. The planning board needs to listen to the residents and revoke such a permit.
The issue at this location includes lack of parking, safety issues at the intersection and concerns that this type of establishment will increase crime in the area, as well as disrupt the neighborhood.
The area of West Street between Spring and Grand has respectful community members who keep their property up and are proud of the neighborhood.
It is not a question of if this will create quality-of-life issues, it is when it will occur. Gloversville is plagued with quality of life issues, such as loud cars, motorcycles, illegal fireworks, etc.
More needs to be done to confront these issues. By investing in areas like West Street, it will make citizens feel proud to live in Gloversville.
Michael Hilton

Nation must find its moral compass

After digesting the Jan. 6 commission hearings, it brought me back to the Watergate hearings in 1973, which I recall quite vividly.
However “What did he know and when did he know it” in going after Richard Nixon was the crux of the investigation and the ensuing cover-up finally did him in. The mood of this nation was quite different then.
I may be criticized for this, but I believe there was more of a national moral compass then compared to now.
In 2020, I wrote letters to The Washington Post and New York Times berating their reporters for not badgering Donald Trump for his continual comments on a “rigged election.”
He planned early on to play this card and implement the lie.
I can’t imagine how reporters in the White House press corps weren’t outraged by these statements from a sitting president. And here we are.
Did Trump try to stop the peaceful transfer of power? There’s no doubt, but where is the national outrage for the potential demise of our democracy?
Has it come down to Republicans vs. Democrats? What about what’s good for America? That’s what seems to be missing in the equation.
The political discourse in this country has gotten so substandard that finding a moral compass is getting more cloudy every day.
What the result is, I’m afraid, is that public trust in our elected officials has eroded so far that losing our democracy has become a real issue.
Where’s the outrage to stop it?
Bob Belive


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zdani002 August 2, 2022
| |

Michael, what if that was a new Church? I’m sure you’d have no objections there. We have churches on every street corner, yet churches can be just as destructive. These shops are going to start cropping up, and there’s nothing you can do about them.A smoke shop has literally nothing to do with the things with you described. Those things will continue to plague everywhere. Are there bars in the area? I don’t see you trying to change those. Instead of attacking a new shop, I beg you to focus on resolving those things that are actually illegal. Maybe if cops actually to get to work and control those issues, as they clearly aren’t being controlled now, maybe the streets can be cleaner. 

jclark124 August 2, 2022
| |

Bob Belive, I’ve been dismayed with our citizens myself. What is it going to take to break the trump cult? We all witnessed the Capitol attack ourselves in horror, but defenders claim this was equivalent to racial protests. We don’t approve of violence and destruction, but we understood their anger and frustration after hundreds of years of oppression, and were swifly arrested. How is that the same as a POTUS leading an Insurrection? And he continues his assault on our Constitutional Republic, so we will continue to call him out. Anyone that still supports trump is complicit in the true downfall of our once great nation.