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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Aug. 3


SPAC pricing unfair for ballet, orchestra

That the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) has adopted “airline pricing” is deplorable. Like airline tickets, some performances by the New York City Ballet or the Philadelphia Orchestra cost far more than others. As the date of a performance approaches, ticket prices rise far above the level charged months before.
Over past decades, the increase in ticket prices has been phenomenal.
For one performance in the near future of the Philadelphia Orchestra, almost all seats downstairs are over $100, and some are over $250. Thirty-one years ago, my wife and I were married, and our wedding reception at the Hall of Springs included admission to the ballet matinee for the 100 guests.
The total ticket cost for good seats was $900 (adjusted for inflation, $1,900). In contrast, the cost this year would have been approximately $20,000, ten times as much.
The phenomenal rise in ticket prices is why the ballet season has been cut from three weeks to one week. With such high prices, in a longer season most seats would be empty.
This monopolistic “airline pricing” by SPAC is wrong: it is a New York State facility. Imagine a New York state park adopting airline pricing for admission.
Bruce Dieffenbach

Zeldin should help vet, not exploit him

Lee Zeldin chose a VFW for his rally event. He’s clearly seeking the veteran vote. He was attacked.
I believe the head of AmVets restrained the attacker in a bear hug. As he was holding the man, the attacker explained that he fought in the Iraq War and is an alcoholic. The head of AmVets told the man he would have to face up to the legal process but offered him assistance afterward.
This is how Zeldin, also a veteran, should be handling this situation — with compassion.
Instead, he’s using this troubled man as the poster boy for getting “tough on crime,” just to make political points.
Zeldin should be using this unfortunate event to highlight the need for more mental health services, in general, and for veterans, specifically.
Zeldin should be thinking “but for the grace of God, there go I.” What happened to military members leaving no soldier behind? There is nothing honorable in these actions.
Mr. Zeldin: Mr. Jakubonis may not be shot through with bullets, but he is certainly languishing on the battlefield of mental illness and alcoholism. This is your chance to be a hero. Throw your brother over your shoulder and carry him home.
Laura Bellinger
Fort Plain

Send message to radical right at polls

OK, we have a mess — global warming and energy crisis, world-wide pandemics, rampant gun violence, SCOTUS invading privacy, radical political polarization, and perhaps, worst of all, eroding confidence in government.
How can any individual cope, let alone hope to influence any improvement?
Well, there’s an election coming this November. A congressional committee has produced overwhelming evidence that crimes intending to overturn the last election were committed, not just by renegades, but by corrupt government officials including a former president, wannabe dictator.
The GOP is hoping to take control of the government – U.S. House, U.S. Senate and state governments (critical in our electoral process), so that they can solidify power and deflect the enormity of what happened after the last election.
One thing an individual can do is vote, vote to send a clear message that this is not a banana republic, ruled by a radical minority.
I fear, only a single party landslide can send such a message.
At this moment, people are dying in Ukraine to retain freedoms we enjoy. Over our history, we have sent our children to die to preserve our freedoms.
Sure, no candidate is beyond criticism. But unlike other elections where independent thinking is important, this election must send an emphatic message.
Make no mistake; the legacy of the former president, power, racial and gender bias, arbitrary facts, will be on the ballot.
Thomas P. Herrmann


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Lee Zeldin voted Nay on the passage of the PACT Act, so no surprise he’s trying to screw over another vet for his own political advantage here.  

William Marincic

Thomas P. Herrmann,  “OK, we have a mess — global warming and energy crisis, worldwide pandemics, rampant gun violence, SCOTUS invading privacy, radical political polarization, and perhaps, worst of all, eroding confidence in government.” All created by a democrat President with dementia and a democrat Senate and Congress. The SCOTUS is not invading privacy it again is the IRS emboldened by a liberal administration, remember Lois Lerner? The last President had us energy independent (no matter what you say), he supported the police and funded them, and the covid pandemic was made worse by Biden, thankfully we had Trump to get us the vaccine, and political polarization has been going on since Obama/Biden started it, just like it was Obama that started the anti-police rhetoric with the college professor in Massachusettes. When you have one finger pointing at Republicans you then have four fingers pointing back at you. 

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