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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Aug. 4


City must address trash near church

Luke’s Church, or any other church and/or public place, shouldn’t be a dumping ground.
It’s about time the city of Schenectady does something to solve this problem.
Every weekend that I go to mass at St. Luke’s, I see garbage all around the perimeter fence: food wrappers/paper, cups, bottles, lids, straws, cigarette butts and more.
It’s truly disgusting.
About a month ago, a person let his dog poop on the church’s grass, on the Furman Street side, near the corner of State Street.
The man began walking away without picking up his dog’s poop.
He picked it up, only after I asked him, “Excuse me sir, aren’t you going to clean up after your dog?”
He said, “I don’t have a bag, but I’ll use a tissue.” I replied, “Thank you!”
And several weeks ago, someone left three tires on the grass near the parking entrance to St. Luke’s and left trash inside them, too.
This past Sunday, I picked up all the trash around the fence on the church’s perimeter, the Furman Street and State Street sides.
It’s always filthy every weekend.
I wrote to two city officials responsible for waste and explained the trash problem, not only at St. Luke’s but also on State Street, starting at Brandywine Avenue up to a quarter mile toward Albany, and also on McClellan Street.
I suggested that the city deploy trash/recycling bins in these areas. But they haven’t responded.
Recently, I emailed Mayor Gary McCarthy.
Let’s see what he’ll say and do.
Ottavio Lo Piccolo

Plenty of tools to measure climate

Mr. Connolly’s July 31 letter (“Beware propaganda machine for climate”) claims that there are only 4,500 weather stations around the world, and that those are insufficient to understand Earth’s changing climate.
Further, he describes computer climate models as “notoriously inaccurate,” and seems to say that global warming concerns are part of a malevolent conspiracy.
First, there are more weather stations than that, if you count ships, aircraft, buoys, autonomous floating craft, balloons, and so on.
Also, satellites watch the entire globe, gathering data even beyond that possible with surface stations, like sea ice cover.
Second, modern computer climate models are actually quite good at reproducing the current episode of global warming, tracking along with weather station measurements amazingly well.
Third, the idea that people working on or concerned with modern global warming do “not want you to understand” the data or processes involved, is silly.
Documentaries, books, short videos, scientific papers, newspaper articles, and more, explain it all in however much detail you could want.
Understanding global warming, caused largely by us releasing tens of billions of tons of greenhouse gases annually, is not hard.
It just requires looking at the evidence and accepting reality.
Kurt Hollocher

More than bagpipes going on in world

Reading The Daily Gazette on Aug. 2 one would think that the most important story of the day was that of local bagpiper becoming a TikTok star (“Benchmark achieved.”) Not only did she get a big picture on the front page above the fold, she was given nearly full page coverage on page 3. The fact that the United States has finally gotten Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri was relegated to second class coverage. Let’s go, USA!
Debra Kenfield


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Debra, the bigger question is why in gods name are we still there? We illegally invaded Afghanistan under false pretenses, have been there for over 20 years, spent billions of dollars, killed hundreds of thousands of people, and the American / Afghan public overwhelmingly wants us out. Our corrupt military actions should not be celebrated, especially when we shouldn’t even be there in the first place. 

Ignatious P. Reilly

Dear Mr or Ms Lo Piccolo – I see the problem that you are having in getting any attention from anyone in local (or state) government re the trashing of your neighborhood. I believe that you may have forgotten to include the requisite fat envelope of untraceable cash with your requests. In NYS, as with any request made to federal or local government, the aforementioned cash filled envelope is the traditional and time honored method of garnering any attention whatsoever from your elected officials. No amount is too large, and well used untraceable bills are preferred. 

Ignatious P. Reilly

Dear Mr. Hollocher, yes you are correct. Please take your local weather reports as an example of the unfallable accuracy of computer generated models and forecasts. Also please ignore that the earth moves through natural changes in climate with or without human interference. And lastly always be sure to not read or research any position that does not agree with your pre-ordained beliefs. Thank you.

William Marincic

Ottavio Lo Piccolo These are democrats and most of the working people have left Schenectady or at the very least they have left these areas to live in. What you have who live there is alot of people that don’t work and everything from A-Z is paid for by the government. When you don’t have to work hard to have your own things I guess the attitude is that they don’t care because it’s not theirs. Every liberal city is like this.

William Marincic

Kurt Hollocher haven’t you figured out that it’s a big money scam? If the ice sheets were actually going to raise water levels don’t you think Obama wouldn’t buy an oceanfront property worth millions? And let us not forget John Kerry the climate czar that has left well over 780,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from his private planes just since Biden has been president. Here read what liberal Newsweek has to say.

Thank you Mr. Hollocher. Our society is increasingly having to deal with a loud faction that not only insists we’re all being lied to by the scientific community, but is actively trying to undermine it. These mentally lazy people seem to thrive on their own paranoia.

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