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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Aug. 7


No, America is not a Christian nation

Christians, let me put something into perspective for you.
There are 380,000 churches in the United States alone. Forty-four out of 46 of our prior presidents have been Christian.
There are 488 Christians in Congress, which is 88.1%.
You are not being persecuted. You are not under any threat. You are not being ostracized.
You are free to believe in the Bible and in Jesus and gather en masse on Sundays.
However, we are not a Christian nation. God is nowhere in the Constitution.
It’s time you stop persecuting the rest of us.
Please actually read the holy book you’re so obsessed with shoving into other people’s lives.
Believe in whatever you want to believe, and trust me — I will fight for your right to do that.
But keep it in the privacy of your own home.
You don’t get to dictate other people’s lives based on a book that was written thousands of years ago that they don’t believe in.
More importantly, you cannot deny women their natural human right to choose what happens to her own body based on a book written by men.
Bodily autonomy, something even children understand, is a human right. I do not care what the Bible has to say. You believe in it, they’re your rules. I don’t, so they don’t apply to me.
Please do us a favor and pray in the comfort of your own home and leave the rest of the country and politics out of it. Matthew 6:5-6
Zach Daniels


Learn to negotiate traffic roundabouts

Traffic circles are not hard folks.
There is a growing number of traffic circles in the Capital District. And for good reason.
Roundabouts improve traffic flow and reduce intersection accidents.
But the work only if drivers follow these simple rules.
First, slow down as you approach the traffic circle.
Second, look to your left as you are about to enter to see if a car is in the circle.
Third, if the traffic circle is clear, enter.
Fourth, do not stop in the circle if a car approaches an entrance.
Fifth, signal your intention to exit the traffic circle.
And last, if you cannot follow these simple rules, find another route to your destination.
Mark Gibbons



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William Marincic August 8, 2022
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The supreme courts abortion ruling has absolutely zero to do with the Bible. The original Roe v. Wade ruling was a flawed ruling. The United States has no business in what a woman does with her body. The Supreme Court looked at the constitution which says everyone has a right to life and liberty. The supreme court sent it back to the states where it belongs, elect the people you want to elect to make the laws that you want in your state.

FRED BARNEY August 7, 2022
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IIt is freedom OF religion; NOT freedom FROM religion!    Diane Barney

Chuck D August 7, 2022
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Mr. Gibbons: Thank you for your letter concerning traffic circles. I would only add one thing, to rephrase your fourth point. If you’re in the circle, you have the right-of-way (and yes, don’t stop there. Don’t slow to let someone else in. Get in, get out).
Mr. Daniels, how important your letter is. Christians do not have a monopoly on right vs. wrong. In fact they seem to have a very poor grip on it based on all the bad behavior we witnessed and experienced. This country is a republic run as a democracy which does not bestow any special powers to the dominant religion. We do have contradictory messages, on our coinage, in our courts, in our national anthem, etc. but those were placed after the establishment of our country, and in time will hopefully be purged so that people of all faiths, or of no spiritual belief can feel this is their country too.Thank you again; a most important message.

FRED BARNEY August 7, 2022
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The premise behind abortion is that the well being of the lesser can be sacrificed for that of the greater. Without the general acceptance of this view millionaires would have to pay for their own football stadium.