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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Aug. 10


Rotterdam should consider town land

As I see it, the town of Rotterdam was looking at wasting a lot of taxpayers’ money on renting from Viaport for town offices.
If I understand correctly, the town owns property on Campbell Road by Von Roll where they dump brush and leaves.
Would it not be more cost effective to build something on property owned by the town, whether it be there or on some other property owned by the town? Just an idea.
Scott Anderson

Retiree names are already available

I just read your editorial (“Bill clarifies release of pension info”) in the Aug. 6 paper. You are stating that Kathy Hochul should sign a bill allowing everyone to access information regarding retiree pension money.
What am I missing here? Have you ever heard of SeeThroughNY? Every public employee, including retirees, is right there for the whole world to see, including me and my friends and ex-coworkers. The search can be refined or expanded. It’s all right there in public view. Or is it too hard for you to get someone to research info for their story line? We don’t need more bills and laws. We need people who know how to use the internet if their job requires it. And perhaps spell correctly and use proper sentence structure, and not ask others to do their research for them. Again, what am I missing here?
Lyn Bouton
Editor’s note: The editorial explains the value and importance of codifying some previous court decisions into law to reduce ambiguity and misinterpretation. Gov. Hochul signed the bill on Monday.

Unite to condemn what led to Jan. 6

Let’s be clear and honest about former Trump people “coming forward” not heroes to testify regarding Jan. 6.
While Cassidy Hutchinson did so not having been subpoenaed and given her age, she was very brave. Many, many of Trump people/appointees only bailed after Jan. 6, as she also did.
Many were privy to what was being planned and stood by. This was the ultimate betrayal of our Constitution and country. They were like rats jumping from a quickly sinking ship.
It’s still so disturbing that the GOP of old, the Conservative right, moral Christians are only sounding crickets. We all need to come together and denounce all that led to that day. And by doing so, keep any person, male, female, Black, White, Brown, Republican, Democrat, Independent from ever holding the highest office in this country.
Our democracy and what our forefathers put in writing in the Constitution is literally at stake.
Mary Baker

Biden brings same old non-solutions

It’s coming at the president from all sides.
He’s got to deal with Russia on Brittney Griner, their hostage. The Chinese are rattling their rockets over Taiwan. Ukraine needs more support, and the president is way down in the polls. He’s in a hole. And in large part, he dug that hole himself.
And now along comes this gigantic tax-and-spend package, which the Biden team desperately hopes will rescue this presidency. Dream on.
The Inflation Reduction Act is the last gasp of the old-line Democrat Party. It is a misreading of the current political scene. It does not address the chaos at the border. Not at all. It does not address crime at all.
Does anyone believe it will cut inflation? Two-hundred-thirty economists, professors and former federal officials say it will make inflation worse.
Does anyone believe it will cut the deficit? Oh, please.
And the IRS — they’re going to hire 87,000 new agents who they say will go after rich tax cheats. That’s nonsense. They’re going after small business and the middle class.
There’s nothing new here. It’s same old, same old at a time when voters have new concerns that will not be solved with tax-and-spend.
Domenico Dicaprio



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Mr Dicaprio– the anti inflation bill includes many key policies Biden ran on: tackle climate change, negotiate drug prices, cap on insulin, reduce energy prices, force corporations to pay their fair share, tax on stock buy backs, etc.
The chips act boosts US manufacturing, competes with China, and companies are already investing 44 billion!
We’re investing in our future, rebuilding the middle class, and trying to save our Republic from autocracies (that 45 wants!).
Another mastermind of 911 is dead, and Biden’s actions have strengthened NATO that 45 wanted to destroy (and help Putin).
Under 45s policy, 5000 children were separated from their parents with no record keeping, so Biden has to fix this cruel mess. So far,  400 children ripped from their parents have been reunited with over 1000 to go.
Let’s go, Biden!

Ignatious P. Reilly

Calmly step away from the Kool Aid. “tackle climate change, negotiate drug prices, cap on insulin, reduce energy prices, force corporations to pay their fair share, tax on stock buy backs, etc”…oh please. Not one of these items has or will happened. Not one. The exact opposite is what I am seeing. Tackle climate change. Oh OK. You and AOC need to get some facts straight. Climate change is not ‘fix’able – pollution CAN be addressed but not without full co-operation from the rest of the world. Good luck with that. Sorry, facts. Oopsy, and how again are the energy prices or medical prices being ‘reduced’? I’d like to be educated on how my 40% higher electric bill and 6 dollar a gallon gasoline is a savings. Or how I am saving when my health insurance costs have gone up 2000% since Obummer’s “affordable” health care was illegally passed by bribe taking democrats. I dont understand, maybe you can help me. Let’s Go Brandon.


Fox News Host: The FBI Is “Planting Evidence” [VIDEO]
How many lies can you find in this FOX “news” report?

“These are bloodthirsty savages who want to see you humiliated and violated. This is a threat to anybody who opposes them. Look what we can do to you. We can even storm into your president’s home and take whatever we want. 
“They could have easily negotiated the return of documents like that without guns and warrants. What the FBI is probably doing is planting evidence, which is what they did during the Russia hoax.
“We also have a hunch they doctored evidence to get the warrant — again, what they did during the Russia hoax. So, this is a big fishing expedition, using anything they can against Trump to take him out of the race for 2024.” – Fox News host Jesse Watters, last night.


Ignatious P. Reilly

Hmmmm. The only lie I see is where they did not refer to Trump as ‘EX’ or ‘FORMER’ president. The rest looks pretty factual to me. How many lies did YOU spot?

christopher stater

Mr Santos Trump and his cronies could release the contents of the warrant to clear his name. He won’t first because it wouldn’t but also because it’s too big a cash cow to be milked. 2xyears out who would want a return to his illegal activities? He took something he wants to sell or gift to one of this autocratic buddies 

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