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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Aug. 11


Shame on NYRA for holding racing in the heat

Today I shift my anger and disgust to the New York Racing Association, NYRA, the greedy clods who run our local Saratoga race track.
The past few weeks have been rife with harsh warnings about heat exhaustion, heat stroke, sunburn and possible collapse.
Yet NYRA officials thought it absolutely fine to order thoroughbred horses to race at top-speed in order to save them all a few dollars.
I wonder how many of these creeps were out running in sweltering 95-plus-degree heat? I’m sure they were relaxing in very expensive air conditioning and/or beautiful swimming pools.
Shame on them and their fans who failed to boycott this sickening horror show.
Diana Klementowski
Greenfield Center

No more prison for possession of pot

I find it a terrible thing that’s happening to basketball star Brittney Griner in Russia.
She is going to jail for nine years for a small amount of marijuana.
I also find it a terrible thing that thousands of American citizens are incarcerated for small amounts of marijuana in this country.
Something to think about.
Jeff Murtagh


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I wonder how Hannity would have felt about law enforcement had he been related to George Floyd, Breanna Taylor, Tamir Rice or any of the others wrongly dead at the hands of law enforcement. Was he concerned about abuse of power when Hillary Clinton was, without cause, subjected to months of intense scrutiny over Benghazi? Read and be stunned:
Hannity: “My Love Of Law Enforcement Is Destroyed”
“The FBI is blatantly targeting our fellow Americans for their political beliefs. The bureau’s reputation has been shattered.“My faith in an organization — I’ll be honest, I had two family members. They were a deity in my family because they worked for this organization. I revered this organization for decades of my life.“If you listen to my radio show, watch this show, you know my love of law enforcement, it has now been pretty much utterly destroyed.” – Sean Hannity, last night.

bob gareat

As demonstrated today by the attack on the FBI office.this type of loud mouth has figured out how to appeal to the not so bright Trumpian base  . what they are missing is that the lawless free for all they pine for wont be the utopia they dream of when the AR15 is rammed up their butts.

One can’t help but wonder where Hannity dreams of fitting into the Trump regime once the king returns to his throne.
As if…

William Marincic

Jeff Murtagh I find it terrible that now we will have to release the “Angel Of Death” to get her back. She knew what she was doing, I would leave her there, she wanted the WNBA to not play the National Anthem at her games. Good riddance.

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