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Letters to the Editor Friday, Aug. 12


Climate change or just a hot summer?

In July of 1955, the Albany Weather Bureau recorded 19 days of temperature readings of 90 or above.
And, in the first six days of August, the temperature again reached 90 or above.
It wasn’t called a part of global warming or climate change.
It was called a hot summer!
Richard Ippolito

Districts can provide social stability

The article, (“Plan for universal pre-K this fall halted,”) in the Aug. 3 Gazette indicates school districts do not know “how many families have expressed interest” in essential educational services.
The 2011 Capital Region Economic Development Council’s Strategic Plan indicates the importance of our educational institutions for economic sustainability and social stability within our communities.
I think school districts can utilize the Capital Region BOCES’s Planning and Management Support services in cooperation with colleges to propose a Universal Early “social and emotional learning” Education Plan to submit to the Education Commissioner.
School districts’ cooperation with social services districts may obtain federal and state monies to coordinate “social and emotional learning” services for families within the County Shared Services Plan programs.
Constitutional rights for parents to actively engage in the education of their children can include teacher aide opportunities within a Capital Region Universal Early “social and emotional learning” Education Plan.
The management plan needs public and private monies to improve “social and emotional learning” and skill development certificates, apprenticeships and degree programs for youth and adults to assist public and nonprofit agencies improve child education and care services.
Do you think political parties will allow families to secure a 21st Century Community Learning Policy with sustainable “social and emotional learning” education and child care services?
Michael McGlynn

Fight to stop loss of vital services

I was struck with the irony of the statement by Ellis Medicine CEO Paul Milton in the Aug. 10 Gazette article (“Dr. Grace Jorgensen, recalled as a force at Bellevue”) concerning the passing of Dr. Grace Jorgensen.
He was quoted, “We are all better off because Grace was in our lives and in our community and, along with the entire Ellis Medicine family, we will redouble our efforts to continue to provide – in her memory — the compassionate and stalwart care that she provided so many.”
Let us hold Mr. Milton to this statement as Ellis Medicine continues down the path of a merger with St. Peters/Trinity Health, a Catholic organization that will try to severely limit access to complete reproductive health care, including contraception, in vitro fertilization, tubal ligation, vasectomy, abortion services, as well as some end-of-life procedures.
Let us, the community, redouble our efforts to ensure that these services remain available to the residents of Schenectady.
Go to (The Schenectady Coalition for Healthcare Access) for more information about what this merger will mean and what we can do to prevent the loss of vital services.
Margaret Novak


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One Comment

Mr. Ippolito, you and Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma have a lot in common. While the scientific community around the world reports that the trend for our global climate is to warm in confluence with the rise of industrial revolution, you and he apparenlty look out your window and stick your fingers in the air for all you need to know. I’ll side with the science.
(Just a side note: this comment was submitted on 8/13 but didn’t show up here until today, 8/17)

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