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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Aug. 14


Dems offer solutions that GOP rejects

The mid-term congressional elections will reveal how smart or dumb voters are.
On one side, we have the Democrats looking to protect democracy, voters’ rights and a woman’s right for reproductive care.
They recognize climate change and are leading the transition to alternative energy resources and away from polluting fossil fuels.
Democrats look to move the country forward, not backwards.
The Republicans are stuck in Trump’s lies, misinformation and conspiracy theories. Over 100 GOP candidates still believe the 2020 election was stolen. Just like Trump’s attorneys and other close advisors, these candidates do not offer any proof.
Many have made it through the primary process and will be on the ballot in November. But it’s the entire GOP that has been showing its true colors.
They look to ban all abortions (forcing pregnant 10-year-old to have a baby) and contraceptives and dictate who you can love and marry.
They want to totally control elections so that only their candidates win. They already ban books to stunt children’s education.
The GOP could care less about all the mass murders and stand against reasonable gun safety measures. The NRA does all their thinking on guns.
Bottom line: The GOP never offer solutions to the country’s problems while the Democrats propose answers that the GOP reject despite overwhelming public support.
It’s clear whose side Democrats are on and need our support to not only keep its majority, but to expand it enough to eliminate the filibuster for important legislation.
Elections have consequences.
Raymond Harris

Appreciate act of kindness by stranger

A few weeks ago on my lunch time walk, I saw a man on North Ravine wearing an umbrella hat.
I asked him a few questions about the hat and continued on my way.
Today on my walk I saw the man again.
When I was passing his house, he came out and handed me an umbrella hat! To say I was shocked and pleasantly surprised is an understatement.
His act of kindness made my day and reminded me that so many people are kind and thoughtful.
Linda Veraska

Women should take control of their lives

Women, girls, you have choices — use them and start controlling your lives instead of relying on men to tell you what you can do with your bodies.
One of the most powerful words in the dictionary is the word “no.”
If it were used more often, there would be no need for abortion because you would control when the possibility of a pregnancy would occur.
Use it the next time you feel compelled to please your date, want to be popular, or feel you “have to do it” before going to college.
The man is not going to get pregnant; you are!
Men don’t always listen. So if you feel the concept of “no” isn’t a possibility, do yourself a favor and research. Google “methods of birth control.” There you will find choices unlimited.
Information on everything from birth control arm patches to vaginal rings, contraceptive sponges, and contraceptive injections, cervical cap, birth control monthly pill, and the list goes on and on.
Take control of your body.
If you are, or feel you are going to be sexually active, please consult a local Planned Parenthood or physician to guide you in choosing the best protection for you.
If an unplanned pregnancy should occur, please consult one of the above for early, safe termination of this pregnancy.
Abortion isn’t a new concept. The only question is whether it will be done safely or by a quack in a back alley.
Let’s continue to fight for legality and women’s safety.
Bonnie Lee Jorgensen


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William Marincic August 15, 2022
| |

Ray Harris believes that there was nothing wrong with the last election. I wonder what he would say if a republican paid almost a half a billion in the swing states. I wonder what he would say if Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the main stream media Told the truth about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden? I bet Ray Harris and a lot of others would say in that case the election was stolen, after all even though we spent tens of millions of dollars to prove that the Russian collusion was fake and put together by the Democrats they still use that story. Yes elections have consequences, we have the highest inflation in over 40 years, gas prices through the roof, buying our oil from countries that hate us, food prices so high the people have to decide to pay for their medication or buy food, 401(k)s down by 30% and the list goes on and on, yes elections have consequences. 

jclark124 August 14, 2022
| |

Kudos to today’s writers! The gop follow a cult leader who can even steal and lie about classified documents on his property. They pull out their big guns and threaten the federal judge, and one wingnut is dead because of it, so far. 45 and his followers are domestic terrorists.  He wants to tear this form of government down, and even said as much (along with Steve Bannon).
President Biden said from the beginning that we the people were in the fight of our lives to combat authoritarianism and save our Republic…and has been helping to strengthen democracies around the world. Biden has also been demonstrating how our system can work for ordinary Americans. 
Now we have a political Supreme Court instituted by cheating and lying that further threaten our basic rights, especially females.
Register and vote as is your life and future generations depend on it, because it does!
BTW, William Marinic and other trump supporters…has 45 finally gone too far with US documents at his personal residence or will you continue to defend the indefensible? Just a thumbs down?