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Letters to the Editor Monday, Aug. 15


Arrest, prosecute the criminal Trump

Enough is enough. Trump is a criminal.
Fact. Manafort, his buddy, just admitted in his book that he gave information to Putin to use against Hillary for Trump, who also in front of everyone told us, He believed Putin and not our intelligence agents.
He held back $350 million of aid to Ukraine. Trump lied to everyone and is responsible for the deaths of 650,000 Americans by refusing to protect us from covid and denying and lying to us about efforts to ensure we had shots, said we had a warehouse full of supplies that Jared had for distribution.
A lie.
He then started a year before the election saying if he loses that it has to be fixed, illegal, a shame.
A lie, the safest and best run election ever, proven in court 63 times.
Trump after losing the vote, first refused the outcome, then began a campaign to change illegally by canceling 83,000,000 votes to change the outcome.
When that was rebuffed, Trump’s backers planned a date to see him off on Jan.  23.
He changed that to Jan. 6 knowing that’s the day Pence and Congress meet to confirm that Biden has won the electoral votes by states. He then told the group, go and stop the process, and the horror of Jan. 6 began.
So he took classified paperwork with him knowing it’s illegal.
They say they believe in justice. Yet they are upset about the FBI, DOJ and judges doing what’s right. Arrest and prosecute.
David Keenan

Rethink changes to city of Amsterdam

Whoever in the state DOT is redesigning roads in Amsterdam should be sent to prison, not jail, prison.
The roundabout is a joke and not needed, and the other routes will cause not only confusion but accidents.
Put back all the one-way streets. Taking out the traffic light and shutting down Schuyler Street and reopening Forbes Street is insane.
Whoever made this mess will not have to drive the roads.
As far as downtown revitalization (DRI) is concerned it is about time local and state officials should realize we don’t have a downtown. Get over it!
Scotia, Saratoga, Ballston Spa, etc. have downtowns. Two blocks is not a downtown. I only hear you can’t do it, put DRI money to good use.
As far as the train station, leave where it is.
In fact trains, shouldn’t stop here nor in Schenectady. People want high-speed trains, not stop and go trains.
Maybe with Rep. Paul Tonko gone, we will be OK with that.
The first mistake was a mall in the city.
Second, inaccessible riverfront or in the wrong location.
Third, a bridge that goes nowhere.
We keep compounding our mistakes. End it.
Sandy “Rogo” Roginski



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The thought that you can tax corporations is reflects the assumption that the entity taxed pays the tax. What is happening is those connected with the corporation pay the tax that is collecte4d for the corporation by the government. For those doubt the distinction between tax incidence and collection you might want to consider how this paper would adjust to an increase in corporate taxation.


Amsterdam needs to bulldoze that mall so East & West can be reconnected and downtown, plus the river front, made more acccesible. That useless edifice split the city in two since its creation and its been an economic failure for last 40+ years.

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