DA: Fonda man indicted in 2019 death of toddler in Gloversville; Faces manslaughter charge


JOHNSTOWN — The former boyfriend of a woman whose toddler died in December 2019 has been indicted on a second-degree manslaughter charge, according to Fulton County Acting District Attorney Amanda Nellis. 

Collin Hanson, 27, of Fonda, was arraigned Tuesday in Fulton County Court in Johnstown and released. 

Nellis said Hanson was released because the charge is not a “qualifying offense.” 

Few details on the case have been released. Nellis said she could not comment too much on the case because the mother of the dead 18-month-old child, Jules Hart, “has not been brought in.”

Nellis said police arrived in December 2019 to a residence on Kingsboro Avenue in Gloversville and found the child responsive. She said both Hart and Hanson were present. The child, whose name is not being released at this time, was pronounced dead later on. 

Nellis said the indictment comes after the District Attorney’s Office received evidence back from the lab. She said there is only one state police lab in the region. 

“They get very backlogged and obviously this happened in 2019 right before COVID hit, so a lot of things got backlogged with COVID and really it was just a waiting game,” she said. “It’s definitely not out of the ordinary for things to take a long time and I think COVID also added to that.”

Nellis said she couldn’t divulge too much about why he was charged with manslaughter, but did say he was charged under the theory that he acted recklessly. 

“So in our view Mr. Hanson acted recklessly and that conduct caused the death of the child,” she said.

Hanson denies the accusations, his attorney Michael Viscosi said Wednesday morning.

“For three years- since the day of this horrific incident- Collin Hanson has fully cooperated with law enforcement in their investigation,” Viscosi said. “No allegation against him should be taken at face value.  We look forward to the opportunity to clear his name in court. “

If convicted, Hanson could face a maximum of five to 15 years in prison. 

“Once we get the mother in, obviously more things will come out,” Nellis said. 

This report was updated Wednesday morning with a comment from Hanson’s lawyer.

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