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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Aug. 17


GOP misleading on bail reform impact

The New York State GOP thinks they have a winning strategy attacking bail reform.
A couple of things I will point out.
Bail is not supposed to be punitive, it is meant to ensure that a person accused of a crime shows up for their day in court because in this country there is a presumption of innocence.
Unless a person is accused of a crime so heinous that they can’t be let out on bail, a bail amount is set and a trial date is scheduled.
If a person of meager means is accused of a non-violent crime, even a small amount of bail is onerous. Yet when Christopher Porco was accused of murdering his father and disfiguring his mother, family and friends were able to put up $250,000 so he could be released on bail.
Another point: New York state is in the middle of the pack for violent crime rates by state.
Maybe Lee Zeldin and Jim Tedisco can help out Texas and Florida, where the GOP governors have big mouths and enjoy higher violent crime rates than we “liberal snowflakes” do.
Sometimes I think people are trying to replace democracy with hypocrisy.
Thomas Benson

Search of Trump’s home was unjust

The American people are about to have a revolution. To have a former president’s home raided by the FBI, his safe broken into and 15 boxes of information removed from his residence is prosecutorial injustice.
Don’t worry. Trump is not anything like these radical left Democrats that I believe stole the 2020 election. He is not a politician and cannot be bought.
They have to do mudslinging again in the midterms which they are intimidated by.
We are the greatest nation on Earth, and we are not going to have these political goons continue to do these pure evil things.
Justice will be served very shortly.
Inga Solomos
Ballston Lake


Grateful to Cropley for skilled reporting

I wish to thank reporter John Cropley for his article (“Holocaust Memorial planner joins heritage group”) in the Aug. 12 Gazette about my appointment to the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad.
His reporting is consistently accurate, informative and written with an intuitive understanding of the essence and importance of the topic he is bringing to the readers of The Daily Gazette.
He is a true professional.
Dr, Michael Lozman
The writer is president and founder of the Capital District Jewish Holocaust Memorial Inc.



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Presidential documents are Public Property and by law cannot be taken (declassified or not) after a President leaves office.  Pretty simple and straight-forward.

What he did, was simply declare them declassified which is a far cry from the required procedure to get documents declassified.But that doesn’t matter anyway and is simply to cloud the issue that he was not allowed to take those documents as his own, declassified or not. Must you constantly be reminded Donald Trump was not a king, was not a dictator? I guess if you insist on believing he’s the Second Coming no one’s going to stop you. He was a President who was beholden to all Americans and our Constitution. As the courts will soon show, he failed us and it.

Inga Solomos, please get help deprogramming from 45s cult. How can you defend a president stealing government documents and keeping them in his unsecured home? Weren’t you on board locking Hillary up for careless handling of emails? Stop being a hypocrite! One thing that makes us the greatest nation is that NOONE (even a former president) is not above the law, and has already committed many crimes. 45 is and always has been a clear and present danger and would sell us out in a quick minute. Why else would he keep top secret government information in his home?

Ignatious P. Reilly

I assume by NOONE you mean Herman Noone of Herman and the Hermits. Email and paper documents are literally no different from a legal standpoint. Why do you give Hillary a pass? She is just as guilty and the FBI didn’t PLANT her discretions, they covered them up. I kind of don’t think Ms. Solomos is the hypocrite in this case, Ms. 124.

Ignatious P. Reilly

Except of course Hunter and Joey Biden, the Pelosis and the Clintons and almost EVERY politician. Other than that though, I agree with you.

Hahaha, always the default when you can’t defend 45s indefensible behavior. They were already investigated…Hillary was under 46s administration and came up with squat! Nothing compares to treasonous tRump who continues to lie, throw any conspiracy against the wall, and stokes violence against our country every day. 

Crazy how the FBI planted all of those boxes of classified material in Trump’s residence even though his lawyer said he already returned them all, and even if he still had possession of some, it was just because he was taking work home with him, and any way it wasn’t REALLY important classifed information like nuclear secrets, and even if it was, he already declassified all the information even though there’s no evidence he did, he can declassify stuff just by saying so.


The right to cast an informed vote requires knowledge of the cost of government. Given that the impact of business taxes on the voter is unkown a vote comparing the cost and benefits of government is not possible.

No, that’s not at all correct.
“The right to cast an informed vote” certainly does not require knowledge of the cost of government. There’s an entire agency required to understand the cost of government (the CBO). What should be required is that voters be informed on the issues in general, and how their candidates handle them.

Bill Marincic

Thomas Benson did you ever consider that high crime stats in Texas and Florida are from the open borders because of Biden? Of course, you didn’t then you would have to admit your politics are on the wrong side of common sense.

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