Outdoor Journal: Latest Tuesday Night Bass Challenge results


The sixth Tuesday Night Bass Challenge took place Aug. 9 on Saratoga Lake, and 33 boats competed.

Finishing first place with 12.45 pounds and winning $745 was the team of Stan Sala, of Schaghticoke, and Greg Paczkowski, of Ballston Spa. They also earned $330 for the 4.49-pound lunker.

Second place, with 12.20 pounds and collecting $445, was the team of Tim Paraso and Matt Belmore, from Indian Lake. Coming in third with 11.91 pounds and earning $295 was the team of Mike Grabo, of Burnt Hills, and Mike Mantino, of Ballston Spa.


The the DEC’s official app, HuntFishNY, has been updated with a handy new feature called “Tackle Box.” Now you can instantly access all sorts of helpful information, such as fishing regulations, fish stocking and fishing access locations throughout New York State, all within an easy-to-use, map-based interface.

Helpful features include:

  • Options to pan and zoom to a water or search by name
  • Driving directions to state-owned boating/fishing access sites.
  • An offline version to use when cell service isn’t available.

The HuntFishNY app provides mobile access to your sporting licenses, privileges, and permits, as well as the ability to report game harvests immediately while afield. The HuntFishNY app, which includes the Tackle Box, is free of charge and available through the Apple App Store (IOS) and Google Play (Android) platforms to download on your tablet or smartphone.

For more information on the HuntFishNY app and new Tackle Box feature, visit the DEC website. For technical assistance, call the DECALS Help Line at 866-933-2257. For specific questions [email protected].


The dog days of summer are officially upon us, where it can be easier to go to catch fish. Check out the tips from the DEC below that just might help ensure your next trip out on the water is a successful one.

  • Fish early or late in the day. Fish are usually more active under these low light conditions, plus there is also, typically, less recreational activity. Recreational activity tends to increase after 11 a.m.
  • Slow down. Though reaction lures still work, with the warm temperatures and an abundance of forage sometimes showing the fish and “easy meal” can elicit more strikes. This is especially true if fishing during the midday period. Lure choices would be things like a wacky rig (my favorite), drop-shot or Texas rigged worm. This is also a good time to try live bait.
  • Watch the weather. A span of days with consistent weather is common for this period. Going on an “off” day that’s rainy, overcast or cooler can be good. There also tends to be less traffic on these days.
  • Deep water. Though there are still plenty of fish in shallow waters, fishing outside the weed edges can be good during this period. Deep water is relative to the water you’re fishing with 10, 15, 20 or 30-plus feet being considered deep. If the weed edge is at 10 feet, fishing 15 feet would be a good starting point. This is a cover water activity looking for active fish, so try a drop shot rig or crankbait.

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