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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Aug. 18


Higher taxes will come to haunt us all

The following fact was intended to inform about the original Bumble Back Better Act (part I).
Luckily a couple key people realized what it was and didn’t vote for it (not New York senators, mind you).
It held true then and holds true today with the Schumer/Manchin Inflammatory/Idiocracy Recovery Act (part II).
To those that are ecstatic about higher taxes on the rich and raising the corporate taxes, throughout our history, there has been no tax on a specific group that has not in a short amount of time been placed on all of us.
Gerald V. Marmuscak

Challenge Trump’s claim of ‘home’

Donald Trump referred to the FBI’s recent execution of a search warrant that yielded 11 boxes of classified information as “… this unannounced raid on my home.”
Trump’s claim that Mar-a-Lago is his “home” violates agreements that he made with the Palm Beach Town Council when he converted the property from a private residence to a club in 1993 as a tax-avoidance strategy (worth $5.7 million in 2020).
Under the agreement, Trump is only allowed to live at Mar-a-Lago for three non-consecutive seven day periods each year.
Clearly, that requirement has been violated numerous times.
So why has no one in the media — left wing/right wing/centrist — corrected him?
In addition, why has no one at the state or federal level challenged his claim that the club is his “home”?
Paul Deierlein

Special treatment for Trump by FBI?

Let me be clear. Make no doubt about it. If anyone of us was found to have government classified documents at home, we would have been transported to jail as the documents were discovered. Questions asked later!
Harry Darling
Burnt Hills

Put focus on what’s most important

We need to change our outlook. The single most important segment of society is families raising children.
Children are our future. They fill our classrooms and parents are the first to pass on values.
But the media would have you believe otherwise. Their focus is on the bickering between parties.
Ads are filled with sexual innuendo, appeal to alcohol and cannabis consumption.
Hollywood with an extra-large megaphone is allowed to voice their opinions alongside experts.
We are plunged into debates about sexual identity, what toilet and pronoun should be used. The border to our south is no longer a border. Needed bail reform is being tabled until after the election.
Crime is on the rise and some legislatures are calling to defund the police.
The federal government has spent us into a huge deficit. Are we losing our minds?
Are we being gaslighted by the media’s need to promote itself with eye grabbing attention?
With each media piece ask yourself: What does this have to do with and how does it help our central most important segment, families who raise children?
Rick Green
Ballston Lake


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Mr Marmuscak– So we should allow at least 55 companies making billions in profits to pay nothing because it will be passed down to us? They’re already raking us over the coals! Isn’t everyone complaining about high prices?  Manchin comes from a state of 70% trump voters so certainly leans republican,  but he’s on board. Citizens must stay informed about these greedy companies, call them out, and boycott their products whenever possible. It’s up to “We the people. “


I find it to be important to distinguish from whom the government collects a tax and from who pays it. For a representative government to be effective the voters must be able to know the cost of government that they are funding. With corporate taxation this is not possible!

Ignatious P. Reilly

So let me get this straight – increasing taxes on 55 companies that pay ‘nothing’ will serve to lower costs to the consumer? I don’t think that is how it works in the actual world. Increased costs to ‘companies’, whether it’s raw material, labor, shipping costs, taxes, whatever, all of it gets paid for by increasing the price of the product to the consumer, the ‘companies’ will not, now, before, or ever be paying these taxes with their obscene profits. This is economics 100. As an aside, have you ever sat down and actually figured what portion of your income is stolen by the government every year? It’s much, much more than people realize, your federal and state taxes aren’t even half of it, and it is mostly due to democrat ‘programs’ and other idiocy. 

christopher stater

Biden should be commended for tackling climate change drug costs and veteran health care needs  successfully the only thing I Remember  about the other guy is he stole a whole bunch of classified docs to sell to foreign enemies


There will bwe no tax incease on anyone making less than $400,000 so I am assuming that Gerald is just looking out for his rich friends.

William Marincic

That’s not only not funny but it’s a total lie, more than 200 economists said that those in the middle class will be paying the most in taxes while the rich and billionaires will be paying the least. Not to mention that it’s going to cost us more money because of the cost of inflation is going to rise. Another tax and spend Democrat stupid idea, the Democrats ideas has taken us from a fantastic economy to the worst economy in almost 50 years.

400 other economists say those 200 economists are on the payrolls of Fortune 500 companies who don’t want the IRS knowing what they’re doing.
Prove me wrong.

It’s a mystery how rightwingers get so focused on their own imaginary jabberwocks, while we pay the oil industry billions in subsidies
So you’re OK with this?
(not really expecting a coherent resonse)
“Globally, fossil fuel subsidies were $5.9 trillion in 2020 or about 6.8 percent of GDP, and are expected to rise to 7.4 percent of GDP in 2025.”
  -International Monetary Fund

Gerald, that’s just the lie companies tell us so the politicians they paid for, don’t tax them.  Trickle down economics is a hoax.  Trump gave companies a huge tax break and what did they do with that money?  Did they page their workers more? Nope. Did they lower their prices?  Nope.  Did they increase production? Nope.  They bought back their stocks to enrich themselves and their board members.  So their taxes are at an all-time low, and they STILL are raising prices.  But sure, go ahead and vote for the big corporations.  They love having shills pushing their propoganda. 

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