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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Aug. 23


Letter writers offer needed perspective

I thoroughly enjoy comments from Edmond Day in his letter (“FBI’s ‘foot soldiers’ bear brunt of blame”) in the Aug. 20 Gazette. He has such knowledge and integrity. (Is this the same Edmond Day who used to have a program on SACC TV)?
I also found Anthony Santo’s comments and observances in his July 26 letter (“Basic human flaws will lead to our doom”) one of the best.
These gentlemen’s comments are a breath of fresh air. Besides, let us not forget Carl Strock, the best investigative reporter around.
What is happening now in the United States is frightening and foreboding. We are being hit from all sides with chaotic actions to the extent that some can no longer think rationally.
Not being a supporter of Trump, however, I am beyond shocked that for seven years, there are those who spew such vile hatred toward one man.
There are previous presidents who have done much more harm, but it gets ‘swept under the rug.’ Note: Even a minister called for the exposing and reporting of all supportive of Trump.
In regard to Ukraine, we-the-people are told ‘it won’t cost you a penny.’ However, ‘we will have to suffer a little.’ Consequently, we-the-people will have to pay for rebuilding Ukraine. It appears that the multitudes are not aware of the long history of this area, and the animosity between the break-away-nations. As journalist Max Boot stated recently, “This is OUR war.”
Unfortunately, we may come to a shocking realization come 2024. It’s the year of the fiery dragon. What comes around, goes around in a circle.
Flora L. Ramonowski

Wish luck to new, old Van Dyck owners

I was happy to read in the July 16 Gazette (“Stella Pasta Bar & Bistro to reopen”) that the Van Dyck restaurant has been purchased by John Reilly and Chris Sule. I would like to wish the new owners good luck and express my preference for retaining the Van Dyck name, a well-known and valuable brand.
Originally opened in 1947, the Van Dyck was a premier restaurant for many years, nationally known as a jazz club.
By 2008, the restaurant, which had changed hands several times, was purchased by the McDonald family. Their previous restaurant experience included Pinhead Susan’s, opened in 2000, and the Stockade Inn, which they bought in 2003.
With the sale of the Van Dyck, the McDonald family no longer operates any restaurant in town.
This letter is a heartfelt thank you to the McDonald family — Jeff, Bill, Dennis, Mike and mostly, to Jack. I remember many fine nights in their establishments.
Each of the restaurants in their own way was an asset to our city.
Pinhead Susan’s is hands down the best named pub in town. I would like to offer my appreciation to Jack McDonald and the members of his extended family for their contributions to Schenectady for the past several decades.
Robert Lemmerman


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Paul Santo

In all my days I never believed I would see Edmund Day and Anthony Santo mentioned in the same sentence. They are polar opposites. 

Elise Stafanik announces her full endorsement of Carl Paladino for NY23.
Another prominent Republican shows they’ve been spared the ravages of shame and humility (and self-awareness).

bob gareat

it is not difficult for any rational individual given the vile illegal unethical behavior demonstrated by one man to understand the response he brings out even in the best of us no amount of double speak will cover the damage he continues to do to this country with his traitorous behavior his latest attempt to sell classified documents whatever the lame excuse or outrage presented is just one moe example of what a loser he really is

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