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Police: Man stabbed in fight outside Saratoga Springs bar on Travers weekend; No other major incidents reported


SARATOGA SPRINGS A man was stabbed outside a Saratoga Springs bar early Sunday morning in the midst of Travers Weekend, police said.

Saratoga Springs Police officers on patrol in area around the city bar Nashville of Saratoga bar on Phila Street observed a fight around 12:15 a.m. at the rear of the bar in the Saratoga Springs Public Library parking lot.

Police soon found the stabbing victim near where the fight happened.

“There was an altercation at the back of the bar,” Saratoga Springs Police Sgt. Paul Veitch said. “When police arrived, they realized one of the individuals was stabbed.”

Paramedics from the Saratoga Springs Fire Department responded to the scene and brought the individual to Albany Medical Center Saratoga Springs Public Safety Commissioner Jim Montagnino said.

“Last I heard, he was in stable condition,” Montagnino said. “That was the lone incident of any significance whatsoever over a weekend where we had almost 50,000 people at the track alone, and many tens of thousands of people downtown. Overall it was a spectacular and very peaceful time.”

Veitch confirmed the victim is stable and expected to recover.

Montagnino said city police had a great presence this year in terms of uniformed officers. He explained there were officers throughout the city on foot, in patrol cars, on horseback and on bicycles.

Two dozen officers were on duty Saturday night covering the Caroline Street area, the commissioner said. He explained this year there was also more ambulance coverage than previously, and greater numbers of paramedics.

“We were prepared for the worst and we hoped for the best and we got almost what we had hoped for with the exception of the one incident,” Montagnino said.

He also said, people should be reassured of the safety of Saratoga Springs after the low number of major incidents this past weekend.

“When you look by comparison at some of the unfortunate incidents that occurred in Albany and Troy, for example, this weekend,” Montagnino said. “We had an influx of people that multiplied our population by a factor of about three, and we were remarkably safe. It’s a wonderful thing and I don’t think it occurred by mere coincidence.”

City services focusing on making sure people were protected and ensuring officers were visible contributed to the city’s safety, Montagnino said.

The Saratoga Springs Police Department responded to 94 calls for service between 4 p.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday, Veitch said. The post time for the Travers was 5:51 p.m.

“Nothing out of the ordinary,” the sergeant said. “The usual drunk and disorderly, domestic incidents, altercations, traffic accidents, other calls for service. They’re, I wouldn’t say routine, but not uncommon on busy days. A lot of traffic-related issues. It wasn’t an unusual Travers.”

Travers Weekend is the busiest of the year for the department, according to Veitch. He explained, that New Year’s Eve and the night before Thanksgiving are a close second for the busiest time of year.

The stabbing incident remained under investigation and the Saratoga Springs Police Department requested that anyone in the area, or inside of the Nashville, that may have observed the altercation contact the police department at (518)-584-1800.

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