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Letters to the Editor Monday, Sept. 5

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Conserve in order to help save the planet

Hear this, from the “Hidden Life of Trees” by Peter Wohleben: Every species wants to survive, and each takes from the others what it needs.
All are basically ruthless, and the only reason everything doesn’t collapse is because there are safeguards against those who demand more than their due. And one final limitation: An organism that is too greedy and takes too much without giving anything in return destroys what it needs for life and dies out.
This was written about trees, but it is ever so true of the human species.
We multiply almost exponentially, and we take, take and take from the finite resources of our planet, giving nothing, not even our bodies, back. Nothing except garbage and pollution.
Our waste has created huge gyres of floating garbage in the oceans the size of Texas, we pollute our waters both fresh and seawater, and we send the residues of burned fossil fuels into the atmosphere increasing its content of carbon dioxide and methane.
We are destroying the planet from which we draw life. Earth is fighting back with destructive climate change and warming temperatures. I doubt we will survive for long if we don’t do something.
Please, conserve, conserve, conserve. Conserving even saves you money, as well as saving our planet.
Jahnn Swanker-Gibson

Southern immigrants threatening the state

According to White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre, our southern border is closed. But somehow thousands come across every day into Texas, Arizona and California.
All this was hailed by New York City Mayor Eric Adams and the Mayor of Washington, D.C., until busloads of undocumented immigrants started being bused to their cities.
Now all of a sudden, it’s a crime, an emergency, a crisis that they could not bear.
Coming across the border every day are human traffickers’, unlimited drugs, terrorists, raped women and children. But the most horrible thing is that they are unvaccinated against anything.
New York City won’t let Novak Djokovic in, an elite athlete who has had covid twice, but they welcome with open arms thousands of those who have not? The amount of once considered conquered diseases are now showing up in New York City and D.C. wastewater.
The oath that Vice President Harris took to protect every American citizen has been violated every day since she took that oath.
She refuses to protect us or even go there to actually see the truth.
All of us Americans, Democratic and Republican, will suffer for many years to come because of their dereliction of duties.
As parents and grandparents, just one small pill could kill your lovely child thanks to her dereliction of duty.
They will be exposed to TB, polio, more covid and more violence from this influx of mostly single men being dropped off here in New York state.
Our state is no longer a sanctuary for us. Thanks for nothing.
Denise Crisci

We must all learn to control our tempers

We all have difficulties in our daily lives, some that cause us to lose our temper. This is always an unfortunate situation.
There is an old story about this that I first heard from my grandfather many years ago.
There was a young boy who was having trouble controlling his temper.
His father told him that each time he lost his temper, he must go out to the wooden fence and pound a nail into it.
The boy’s bad temper continued for several years and soon the fence had hundreds of nails driven into it.
As the boy matured, he was able to control his temper, and his father told him that each day he controlled his temper, he could remove one nail from the fence.
After several months the boy was finally able to remove all of the nails from the fence.
He was proud of himself, and his father was proud of him also.
As they looked at the fence together, the boy told his father that the fence looked forever damaged.
The father, in all his wisdom, told the boy that the damaged fence was the same as the damage done to people when someone loses their temper. It can never be repaired as the damage is already done.
The lesson here is that we can and must all control our temper.
The ones closest to us are the ones that we harm the most when we lose our temper.
Eddie Brush


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William Marincic

Caroline, if you like the illegal invasion why don’t you move a couple of families into your house and you can pay their bills and sponsor them? Come on Caroline, let’s walk the talk!!! 

Ignatious P. Reilly

Apparently we are also a nation of idiots. The Gazette’s commentary is on point and correct. A nation of immigrants, yes. A nation of illegal aliens we are not……or didn’t used to be. One needs to have the mental facility to differentiate illegal alien and immigrant…..

William Marincic

We are a nation of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, we don’t need millions of illegal immigrants running though the back door. How many more need to die from the drugs they bring? Who does this really hurt besides the taxpayer, the low-skilled worker, it takes their jobs because illegals will work for less and off the books?

Thank you, Mr Gibson!  I have a lot of small things that I do to help the planet. We each need to leave as small a footprint as possible!

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