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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Sep. 11


Glenridge Road not meant to be shortcut

This is to the vast number of unknowing readers who keep sending in letters about the Glenridge Road bridge problem.
What you’re not understanding and which I have tried to explain in previous letters to the editor is, “Glenridge Road is NOT a road for 18 wheeler trucks.” It was not meant for them.
The local residents do not want them traveling from the Northway cutting through back roads heading for the thruway, I-90, or I-88. It’s not a shortcut.
This means we do not want the bridge raised, the road lowered or any other means to fix it, so that 18-wheel trucks can use this road.
Fix the problem — idiot drivers who can’t read and are driving trucks.
Fix the staff in the Department of Transportation who can’t fix a simple problem like McDonald’s and other fast food places do.
Put a hanging, swinging, suspended bar at the higher Bridge before the low one with a claxon and flashing light to stop the drivers when they hit that.
But again, that will still not work because the non-truck GPS units on phones, etc. see this as the quickest way to I-90 or I-88.
Bob Nicolella

Change college loan relief to help veterans

I would like to comment regarding the president’s recently announced student loan relief plan.
As a now-retired member of the US Army and Army Reserves, I feel that a much better program would have been to allow those now retired or no longer serving, mostly former part-time soldiers who had earned through their service post-9/11 education benefits and did not use or transfer them to a dependent, to use prior to leaving the service to be allowed to do so now.
Under the current regulations enacted by Congress, if these benefits were not transferred to one’s dependents prior to retirement, they can only be used by the retired soldiers themselves and not by their otherwise eligible dependents.
In my time in service, I have met more than a few veterans who were in this situation because, in general, both the National Guard and Reserves do a pretty bad job in informing retiring soldiers about their earned benefits and rights when they retire.
Many of those who served and earned these benefits are older and often are well into their civilian career so these earned benefits will probably go unused and their dependents will need to find some other ways to fund continuing education.
In the case of these individuals, these are benefits earned and are not just a free handout as in the case of those who signed a contract to obtain a student loan which they now expect others to pay for.
Thomas McGarry
The writer is a retired Command Sergeant Major in the US Army reserves.

Still have faith in U.S. despite partisanship

I feel a bit sorry for the gullible voters who idolized Donald Trump.
I don’t feel a bit sorry for those same voters who still refuse to accept the truth about their fallen idol.
I respect the former Trump voters who now oppose his efforts to be re-elected.
I don’t respect the former Trump voters who continue to believe the false narrative that the election was stolen.
I admire congressmen who vote on a bill based upon its merits. I detest congressmen who vote on a bill based upon their re-election chances.
I’m proud of the Liz Cheneys who put love of country over love of party.
I abhor the Lindsey Grahams who put self above country.
I believe in the Constitution, that all Americans are created equal and that we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
I have faith our democracy will endure despite today’s political tribalism.
Charles Rielly


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Ignatious P. Reilly

“I detest congressmen who vote on a bill based upon their re-election chances.”
So, in other words you detest ALL congress people. So do I.

Mr. McGarry points out that veterans deserve extensive benefits in recognition of their service to our country and the personal sacrifices they made to do so. I do not disagree with that.
Sadly then Mr. McGarry does the veterans and Americans grave injustice by presuming veterans have some kind of monopoly on personal responsibility, by painting anyone receiving assistance with student loans as expecting a handout and for others to pay what they committed to. Maybe if Mr. McGarry had paid for his college as I did without parental support, incurring $75K+ in debt, debt to lenders who inflated interest rates and colleges who didn’t hesitate to raise tuition while harboring billions in endowments, maybe then Mr. McGarry might recognize the legitimate need for relief for college students.
And if he’d thought it through a bit more (as a good college student is trained to do) he’d recognize that the sooner a college student can participate as a consumer in our economy and not pay debt for tens of years to these institutions, the healthier our economy will be.
Sadly Mr. McGarry, as often happens with public servants, places himself and others like him in an elevated class. I would point out, Mr. McGarry, heros earn respect, not demand it.

Well said Chuck. 
“18-year-old barely adults, how come you weren’t more financially knowledgable and responsible when you took out your predatory student loans?” – the letter writer
“Actual grown adult former soldiers, it wasn’t your fault you didn’t think to inquire about your educational benefits before you retired from service, and we should change the law to help you out.” – also the letter writer

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