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Druthers Brewing Company delays Clifton Park location opening

FILE - Chris Martell, a co-owner of Druthers Brewing Co., in 2018.

FILE - Chris Martell, a co-owner of Druthers Brewing Co., in 2018.

CLIFTON PARK Druthers Brewing Company announced they will not be opening Thursday as planned, because of a delay in the licensing process.

Druthers Brewing Company announced they would not be opening this Thursday on their Facebook and Instagram pages Monday. According to the announcement, they are waiting for one last license.

“We are wrapping up construction and attending to final details,’ the post read. “We are waiting on one last license to come through and then we are all set to open. We will keep everyone in the loop on our opening date. Unfortunately, we will not be able to open this Thursday as planned. Thank you for your support during this long process and for your patience as we take final steps to open our doors.”

The company responded to several comments and questions on its social media posts. According to the Druthers Brewing Company social media accounts, there is not a definite date yet as to when it will be opening.

The company did not immediately respond to requests for further comment in this story.

The new location is located at the corner of Southside Drive and Maxwell Drive.

The delay in opening is not due to any issues with any license issues with the town of Clifton Park said supervisor Phil Barrett.

“I have not been contacted directly regarding the delay in the opening of Druthers,” Barrett said. “I can tell you for sure it is not a situation which involves the Town of Clifton Park or any issues that we have with the project.”

The town’s planning board approved Druthers Brewing Company plans to build and open in Clifton Park in January 2021.

“The restaurant ownership and the construction company that has been overseeing the project have been tremendous to work with,” Barrett said. “And we have had no issues whatsoever during the construction period.”

The company did not specify what type of license it was waiting on to be able to open in any of its social media posts. According to the New York State Liquor Authority, Druthers Brewing Company applied for a manufacturing and on premises liquor license in April 2022. The status of Druthers Brewing Company is listed as pending by the state Liquor Authority.

The licensing review process is dependent on the type of application or permit that is applied for, the current volume of applications and the completeness accuracy of the application that was submitted, according to the state Liquor Authority website. The review process takes about 22-26 weeks, or 5.5 to 6.5 months for most types of applications.

The majority of retail and manufacturing businesses are eligible to apply for a temporary retail operating permit or a temporary manufacturing permit which, according to the Liquor Authority allow many applicants to be open and operating for alcoholic beverage sales and/ or production in typically less than 30 days.

Druthers Brewing Company opened its first location in Saratoga Sprigs in 2012, it expanded to a second location in Albany in 2015, and a third in Schenectady in 2018.

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