Glenville bridge struck by truck — but not Glenridge Road this time

A Glenville police car

GLENVILLE The Maple Avenue bridge was struck Thursday afternoon — no, not the Glenridge Road bridge, which keeps getting hit.

No injuries were caused by the crash.

The Maple Avenue bridge was hit around 2 p.m. by a delivery truck, not to be confused with the Glenmont Ridge bridge about a half mile away,  which has been hit close to 100 times since 2018, Police Chief Stephen Janik said.

“It was the Maple Avenue bridge not the Glenridge Road bridge, it’s the other one that normally doesn’t get struck,” Janik said. “The one that we’re always having problems with is the Glenridge Road bridge. This is just a small bridge that runs along Maple Avenue.”

Traffic from the crash was cleared up a short time later Thursday afternoon. The 2018 two-axle Isuzu delivery truck that hit the bridge was driven by Kevin Daniel Simmons, 31, of St. Johnsville, Janik said.

The driver was issued a ticket for failing to obey a traffic control device, Janik said. The violation can earn the driver up to two points on his license and a fine between $125 and $250.

The Maple Avenue bridge has a 10-foot clearance.

“It’s just astonishing how many times the Glenridge Road bridge has been struck,” Janik said. “I just did a report, since 2018 I think we’ve had close to 100 incidents with that bridge alone. But the Maple Avenue bridge, not so much.”

Incidents of drivers hitting both the Maple Avenue and Glenridge Road bridges are likely from drivers not paying attention to the warning signs, Janik said.

The Maple Avenue and the Glenridge Road bridges both have signs near them telling drivers the clearance height of the bridge. Last year, the state Department of Transportation installed flashing beacons at the Glenridge Road bridge to assist the signs — more than a dozen — that were already in place to warn drivers of the low bridge.

“The Glenridge Road bridge has more signs and flashing lights than I’ve ever seen at an intersection before,”  Janik said. “The Maple Avenue bridge only has a couple of signs warning of the low height, but the optics of the Maple Avenue bridge make it hard even to drive a pickup truck through it, let along a delivery truck.”

The Maple Avenue bridge was struck by a tractor-trailer earlier this year in June.

“I think that if you can’t assume that your vehicle is too high going through the Maple Avenue bridge, you may want to have your eyes checked,” Janik said.

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