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Letters to the Editor Friday, Sept. 16


Getting polio shot is vitally important

I have been reading with interest about the outbreak of polio in the New York City area, and the editorial (“We can’t let polio get a grip again”) in the Sept. 11 Gazette.
I worked in a Polio Respirator Center in the mid-50s and know first-hand the devastation it can cause.
We were all grateful when the vaccine came out in 1955, even though that meant that the center would be closing in the not-too- distant future.
One of the main goals of the center was to help the patients breathe in the least intrusive way possible.
All were successfully weaned from iron lungs (a metal tube in which only your head sticks out and nurses and attendants help you through “port holes.”)
You saw the world through a mirror.
In 1956, when the number of new cases started to decline, we had “Operation Come Back” for those patients who had never had the advantage of being in a respirator center.
One new patient we had was a young man about 16.
While his younger siblings had been vaccinated, he felt that he was “too old” and didn’t need to be vaccinated.
He was one of the more severely involved patients that we had.
I cannot emphasize enough the importance of being vaccinated against polio.
Mildred Ey Gittinger, OTR, FAOTA

Trump, queen split on view of ‘service’

Queen Elizabeth, a lifetime of service to her country.
Donald Trump, a lifetime of service to himself.
Larry Lewis

No end to impact of flawed deregulation

Concerning the article (“Verizon customers see lengthy disruptions”) in the Sept. 14 Gazette, there are no surprises noted there.
The reprehensible situation is simply a predictable result of so-called “deregulation” — whereby misguided politicians and clueless consumers brought about the replacement of a communications system that worked with one based on the dreams of greedy marketeers who don’t care about the resultant collateral damage when the new system breaks down.
As the saying goes “ya ain’t seen nuttin’ yet,” because the further one walks out on the plank of imagined “progress,” the harder the landing becomes when it gives way.
Richard Felak

We’re not keeping up in climate fight

An expert in the history of energy, Vaclav Smil, says there is simply no way we are going to transition to renewables in 20 years.
From 2000-2020 we only went from 86% fossil fuels to 83% fossil fuel.
According to preliminary statistics, India’s coal production increased by 8.6% in the 2021-2022 year (April 2021-March 2022) and reached 777.2 Mt, spurred by the economic recovery and a surge in the power demand (power supply increased by over 8% during the year, its highest growth rate in 10 years).
Across last year, China produced 4.1bn tonnes of raw coal, increasing by 5.7% year-on-year, the official annual statistical report said.
The report also noted that China’s coal consumption went up by 4.6% in 2021.
It is looking bleak for Ukraine; a huge drought in North China, the worst in six decades, caused the Yangtze River to dry up.
China bought $7.2 billion of coal, oil and natural gas from Russia to replace the hydroelectric power they lost; Russia now can finance the war in Ukraine.
China’s carbon footprint from cement exceeds the United State’s carbon footprint from burning coal
Sea level, no matter what we do now, will rise 10-12 inches.
Richard Moody


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Chuck D September 16, 2022
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Cue the poorly-educated MAGA to cite their own “experts” that the polio vaccine is a threat to all patriotic Americans.