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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Sept. 18


Hurry up and move away from gas heat

It came as no surprise when The Gazette reported on Sept. 7 (“Utility predicts 39% higher heating bills”) that National Grid is predicting about 39% higher heating bills this winter. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Continued reliance on gas for heating, especially adding new hookups, spells financial pain in more ways than one.
There’s trouble brewing for gas customers that’s not on their radar.
A century-old public service law in New York lets gas companies dole out free hookups and tack the thousands in costs onto everyone’s delivery charges.
While the charges are based on a 60- to 80-year life of the added infrastructure, current trends predict that gas heating would be almost as antiquated as wood-fired central heating in a few decades.
As the transition away from gas proceeds, the effects of depreciation and a shrinking pool of customers chipping in to share the costs will start compounding. Building new homes fueled by expensive gas with constrained supplies raises everyone’s costs and makes no sense when energy-sipping heat pumps are economical to install and power.
Anyone who doesn’t want to be left holding a hot potato should make plans to get off gas and take advantage of the coming electrification rebates and tax credits from the Inflation Reduction Act.
Our legislature should also act proactively to protect families from the gas price spiral before it ruins more budgets.
Vicki Michela

Republicans spineless to stand up to Trump

It is now quite acceptable for Trump supporters to issue death threats against anyone they perceive as an enemy of the Great Leader.
The GOP not only condones this behavior but foments it with its deranged inflammatory rhetoric. Not one Trumpublican will dare publicly condemn these dangerous violent morons.
With very few exceptions, Republicans are abject cowards with no integrity whatsoever, the party of the spineless and the shameless.
Paul F. Sator

Need bipartisanship to protect our welfare

Matthew Yglesias’ commentary, (“A debate over the deficit is just what America needs,”) in the Sept. 10 Gazette mentioned “bipartisan overtures on deficit reduction would lead to actual policy.”
The growing types of natural and man-made disasters affecting our public health requires a bipartisan constitutional policy to “provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare.”
The Federal Disaster Relief Fund is established by Congress as a “major questions doctrine” to sustain public health policies to protect our human rights. Federal government funding of Emergency Management Services requires contracts with state and municipal governments and nonprofit organizations to purchase essential goods and services.
The Disaster Relief Fund needs zero-based budgeting without accumulated debt and a sustainable revenue source to fund contracts without interest rates.
Congressional appropriations for state and municipal Emergency Management Services need monies to contract purchase of essential goods and services to enforce “emergency protective measures” within our communities.
And, law enforcement officials must enforce laws against individuals using corruption and fraud as they pollute our air, water and land resources.
Do you think political parties and elected candidates to federal and state government will improve our “major questions doctrine” of public health policies and sustain our essential natural resources?
Michael McGlynn

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christopher stater

As I enjoy my morning coffee I can’t help but applaud the quality and realistic fact based content of the letters today  excellent trend

from  my  reading of multiple news reports today including Fox and CNN  Trump the big imp  went full out in support of Qanon at his rally last night. Really scary stuff if youre not familar with it you might want to brush up before embracing it hook line and blue kool aid 

What Paul Sator said is absolutely true. The gop and their messiah continue to promote violence and disunity . Did you see the fascist salute in Ohio? Truly disturbing.

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