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Letters to the Editor, Monday Sep. 19


Blame Dems for high heating costs

In May, I submitted a letter requesting our government representatives respond to the outrageous cost of home heating oil (Gillibrand, Schumer, Tonko, and others). I’m not surprised that no one responded. I recently called to have my tank filled for winter and will be paying $5.09/gallon, which is a 100% increase from last year.
In his first month in office, our president signed two executive orders that had a huge effect on the price of oil.
First: Banning future exploration for oil on federal lands. Big oil is not going to invest in the future if the government is trying to put them out of business.
Second: Stopping construction of a pipeline from Canada. Some say the oil from Canada is dirty. Currently 57% of our imported oil comes from Canada. Apparently Canadian oil is cheaper, cleaner and safer if it’s transported by rail instead of a pipe.
Ken Jones
Ballston Spa

Keep dangerous criminals in custody

Albany County District Attorney David Soares asked Gov. Kathy Hochul to change New York’s bail laws.
He said people are being released and then committing crimes again, while 16 and 17 year olds who commit serious crimes are regarded as children and released.
Hochul said how the great majority of those released are obeying and a small number are recommitting crimes. Two weeks ago, a man in Johnstown was killed by a guy who’d been released the previous day after being arrested for assault and battery. A couple of days ago, a woman jogger down south was kidnapped and murdered by a person who had done time for kidnapping. I’m sure their loved ones feel good knowing that the program is working for the majority. I guess some will fall through the cracks.
Recently, a 19-year-old killed four people in Memphis. He was previously arrested for attempted murder, but was released after serving 11 days. Talk about rehabilitation.
Until one of these politicians has a loved one beaten, kidnapped, raped or murdered, this parole system will remain in place. Not everyone is misunderstood.
Pete Pidgeon

Conspiracy to hide Strock’s columns?

I remember, about 20 years ago more or less, of a case of two local innocent Muslims that were railroaded by the FBI.
I also know for a fact that Gazette columnist Carl Strock wrote about this case profusely.
Yet, when I search your archives for these articles that Carl Strock wrote, the answer I get is no such article exists. Did the FBI get to you? What happened to these articles? I’m interested because they have a bearing on today’s news.
Eugene Spicer
Editor’s Note: No, the FBI did not “get to” us. Our electronic archives only go back to 2008, so Mr. Strock’s older columns may not be available online. Older archives are retained on microfilm.

Scotia-Glenville has a reunion tradition

It was refreshing to read Karen Cookson’s column (“Sometimes those K-12 friendships last a lifetime”) in the Sunday, Sept. 4, Gazette about a class reunion that meets yearly and to have so many friends attend.
Scotia-Glenville High School does something yearly, too, called the 50+ Luncheon.
Each year, the newest class to meet the 50-year graduation mark gets invited to be welcomed to the luncheon, put on by the previous inductees.
This year, the class of 1969 invited the classes of 1970, 1971 and 1972, since there were no luncheons for two years due to covid. Two thousand invitations were sent out and over 350 graduates responded from classes 1941–1972! This has been a great tradition started by Kenneth Buhrmaster (‘24) and Kenneth Lindsey (‘32)
The first recorded luncheon was in 1977 and will be happening again in 2023 at the casino in Schenectady on June 1, 2023.
Any SGHS graduate of 50 years or more who has not received any information and is interested in participating may contact the committee for the 50 Plus Club at PO Box 2867, Glenville, NY 12325-0867
Diane M. St. Onge
Ballston Lake

Not right to equate Dems and the GOP

I agree and disagree with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial (“We can’t let dangerous extremes prevail”) reprinted in the Sept. 1 Gazette Opinion section.
It reminds us that the end of democracy leads to “pain and hardship” for a country’s citizens. I think it is important for all of us, especially Republicans who are challenging our democratic system, to give thought to the kind of society we want to live in.
Since Republicans are an uncompromising minority, I’m afraid their answer is totalitarian rule. It’s the only way an uncompromising minority can rule.
However, I disagree with the Post-Dispatch editor’s statement that extremism abounds “on both the right and the left.” Of course, one can find examples of overreach on the left. The Post editors point to violence occurring after George Floyd’s murder and to a congresswoman, allegedly a member of Democratic Socialists of America, a group that wants the United States to leave NATO.
But this is like comparing a grove of trees to a forest. To my knowledge, no Democratic member of the House or Senate supports violence as a means of change or withdrawal from NATO. Twenty-two House Republicans voted against a bill supporting NATO in 2019. One hundred forty seven House and Senate Republicans voted to overturn President Biden’s election despite no evidence of malfeasance. In Republican-controlled Ohio, a raped 10-year-old girl could not have her pregnancy terminated, despite the risk to her health.
Only one party is extreme, and one is attacking our democracy.
Peter Watrous

Vote to ensure borders are secure

The Biden administration has recently made the border wall a priority by announcing the continuation of closing the gaps south of Yuma in order to prevent further illegal crossings.
The same actions taken by President Donald Trump resulted in the slandering and unprecedented defamation of our country’s leader by the media.
However, Biden’s acknowledgment of the necessity for secure borders proves that Republicans were right all along.
In NY-21, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has expressed her support for Trump’s border wall and understands the importance of secure borders. Elise is against amnesty and repeatedly votes in favor of measures to reinforce the importance of America’s national security along both the U.S.-Mexico border and the U.S.-Canada border.
Strong Republican leaders like Elise Stefanik know what is best for the people and continue to fight in our best interests. It is crucial that we turn out to vote Republican on Nov. 8 and fix the border crisis created by the Biden administration.
Robert Chindamo
Saratoga Springs


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William Marincic

Peter Watrous, I almost choked on my coffee when I read that the GOP was a noncompromising minority and that they want a totalitarian rule. Do I need to remind you that the Dems are trying to change the voting laws so that only they can win, how about the Dems trying to end the electoral college so only they will win, or packing the Supreme Court? The GOP is all about freedom, the freedom to spend your hard-earned money as you see fit, not to pay it in exorbitant taxes used to pay some college loans for some people to buy votes among a thousand other things. The GOP is about giving the power back to the people whereas the Dems are all about “BIG GOVERNMENT” where they control what you eat, drink and do. I could go on all day but you should really educate yourself with some actual knowledge about their differences.

It’s telling when you admit that allowing more people to vote means the GOP will lose elections.  They’re the party of powerful corporations, not “the people”. The only ones packing the court are the party that denied Obama his Supreme Court nominee, then appointed three justices (one just weeks before an election) during the tenure of a one-term, twice-impeached, popular-vote losing, soon-to-be-indicted, treasonous, ex-president.  

William Marincic

The only people stuffing drop-off boxes are democrats. I can’t get the sight of Trump’s tens of thousands of people at his rallies and most recently Trump and Biden had a rally in the same town and state a couple of weeks ago where Trump had over 25,000 people at his rally with thousands more outside, Biden didn’t even have 250 people.,-Certification-of-Presidential-Results-Premature-and-In-Error

Democrats have better things to do than attend “rallies”.  We work, volunteer, help our communities, push to make things better.  We don’t go to silly performances by disgraced politicians playing the same old hits of “lock her up” and “build the wall”, to a crowd of mindless boobs.  I expect my politicians to work for the people and improve lives, not put on concerts to air their grievances and heal their wounded egos.  But sure, keep playing the crowd size card, it worked well for the Republicans in 2018 and 2020 lmao.    

christopher stater

As I sit sipping my morning coffee without choking I recall it was republicans n the non compromising minority who also tried to slip in those false electors and now a republican embraced by that noncompromising minority who  stood by while a mob threatened to hang the VP  of the US and  who now sports a big Ole Qanon button at rallies  that last one did make me choke! Let’s give credit where it’s due! Excellent letter Mr  Watrous

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