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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Sept. 21

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Input truck heights into GPS mapping

I propose vendors of GPS highway navigation mapping systems be petitioned to code their software to require the height of the vehicle using their product to be input, in order for its maps to display roads that are safe for that vehicle.
If no height was input, the applications would still work, but would default to only display interstates and such.
More restrictive and restricted routes would be blurred, red X’d, erased or otherwise removed from the routing map.
The software would be coded to display routes that could accommodate and permit the vehicle’s actual size. (Weight and width could be coded in too.)
For example, to get from the Clifton Park Trader Joe’s to the Glenville Aldi, a truck driver with an 11-foot trailer would be directed to follow Route 146 South across the Rexford bridge, then along Aqueduct and Maxon Roads (past The Gazette), and up Freeman’s Bridge to Route 50.
A 10-foot high truck would be directed straight from Route 146 west down Glenridge Road to Mayfair.
If you think this message is convoluted, you should try reading the NYSDOT Standard Specifications website and manuals I tried to reference in preparing it.
Also, put Lady Liberty back where she belongs.
Dick Curtis

Farm overtime will be costly for racing

If the proposed new farm minimum hours before overtime kicks in is approved, the New York Racing Association (NYRA) will be in trouble.
Backstretch workers follow the farm schedule. Pay rates for owners will skyrocket.
David Childs

White House hides its overspending

The White House keeps bragging about reducing the deficit, claiming that is justification for trying to spend and borrow even more money.
In this regard, they are taking advantage of the fact that most people, even the smart ones, don’t really seem to understand or care what a deficit is.
The deficit to which they refer is defined as “an excess of expenditures over revenues during a certain period.” Incurring a deficit means that they’re spending more than they’re taking in during some period, like a fiscal year (FY), and that they will have to borrow money to make up the difference.
Reducing the deficit does not mean that they’re reducing the amount you owe, which is what the White House would like you to infer. It means that they’re actually increasing the amount you will owe, just by less than they did the previous year.
Back in FY 2021, the U.S. government spent a whopping $6.82 Trillion, including covid stimulus money, incurring a frightening $2.77 trillion deficit, which they will have to borrow to cover.
In the first 10 months of FY 2022, they incurred an additional deficit of $0.727 trillion, so they brag about reducing the deficit by almost $2 trillion in 2022.
But they want you to forget that they will still increase the national debt by $0.727 trillion.
And they think they deserve to spend — and borrow even more.
Jim Moorhead

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From 1998-2001, were the last years we had surpluses.  Bill Clinton was president then.  Other than that, Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, George W Bush, all ran deficits each year.  Deficits slowly decreased after the ’08 crisis, then shot back up when Trump became president.  So forgive us if we don’t buy what you’re selling Mr. Moorhead.  

Either you’re very much mistaken, or you’re lying again. The reader can decide. Reagan and Bush led us into a recession. That’s not fake news, that’s not partisan bickering. That’s a well documented fact that I’m certain you experienced too.

All four Republican presidents since 1980 increased the federal deficit during their time in office: Ronald Reagan had a 94% increase, George H.W. Bush had a 67% increase, George W. Bush had a 1,204% increase, and Trump had a 317% increase.
Both Democratic presidents since 1980 decreased the federal deficit while in office: Bill Clinton had a 150% decrease to end his presidency with a federal surplus of $128 billion, and Barack Obama decreased the deficit by 53%.
So, basically Democrats have had to play cleanup every time they were elected into office…

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