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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Sep. 22


Do what’s right to save our country

The world we live in today has become a very scary place. The war with Russia and the Ukraine, China’s threat to Taiwan, the talk of civil war in our own country, climate change and the pandemic that we can’t seem to put behind us.
The most disturbing of all is what happened to our country in the past few years is the event of Jan. 6, one of the worst days in the history of the United States.
The lies that have continued by the many politicians on the far right have caused a wider divide among Americans and continues today.
The media has continued to perpetuate the lies with their incendiary rhetoric. What happened to truth, justice and the American way? I worry what will happen to our children and grandchildren in the world we leave them with today.
We must wake up America and do what is right to save our country before it’s too late.
Michael L. Guido

Meeting tonight on vacancy, solar plan

At the Sept. 8 Duanesburg Town Board meeting, council member John Ganther announced that he will vacate his position in October.
The town board did not discuss how or when his position would be filled.
Duanesburg residents interested in learning more about this vacancy and possible nominations for the position may contact the town clerk at [email protected] and attend the next town board meeting tonight (Sept. 22) at 7 p.m. at the town hall, 5853 Western Turnpike.
Additionally, at the Sept. 22 town board meeting, a public hearing is scheduled for Local Law 3 of 2022 for a moratorium on solar facilities and battery energy storage systems. Review of meeting minutes reflect that this may be the fifth 6-month moratorium.
Beginning in August 2019, concerned citizens requested updates to the 2016 Solar Law.
Public hearings for a revised solar law were held in June 2021.
To date, a revised solar law has not been approved.
The solar law may be available on the town website
Please attend your town board meetings and participate in your local government.
Lynne Bruning
Quaker Street


Queen Elizabeth II made a big impact

Why I liked Queen Elizabeth II:
• She was a symbol of stability in a very unstable world.
• She was an image of dignity in too many undignified societies.
• She was a lady with class in a world sorely needing it.
• By being politically neutral, she had the ability to rise above the toxicity of the worldwide political environment.
I will miss her greatly and wish her successor all the best.
She will be a hard act to follow.
Kenneth Moore


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Michael L. Guido, thank you for your letter focusing on what are the most pressing issues.  We can always argue about the economy or the border, but 45s administration pushed our Constitutional Republic to the brink, and our planet is in big trouble.
Yesterday, William Marinic responded to my post about spending with “Russia, Russia, Russia.”  Not sure what that had to do with it, but while we’re at it…Mueller found at least 10 instances of Obstruction of Justice and if 45 was not president, he would have been arrested. Mueller clearly stated he could not exonerate the president. We all know Putin wanted 45 as president since he could easily manipulate him.  Let’s put this Russia business to bed, OK William?  Also hilarious is how he gives Raegan credit for Clinton’s economy but refuses to acknowledge that Biden inherited a wrecked economy (just like Obama).

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